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'Sup, I'm Terra. ^_^

I'm an extremely feline writer - meaning I spend most of my time doing nothing, only to be interrupted by sudden bursts of hyperactivity. It's not unusual for me to go months without writing - even half a year - then suddenly churn out a story in half a day. Coz being consistent is so mainstream.

I'm a gamer, and love my RPGs (looking to get into tabletops and LARP). I'm also an ameture philosopher, and have a great interest in people and the brain (hence my university courses).

I'm 18, and have been writing here since 15 - though have taken my share of extremely long hiatuses throughout ... only to never return and finish what I started ... >_>

Anyways, my fursona's name is Solace - he's a Demcor. ^_^

A demcor is a species of my own design (because mainstream races are so ... well ... mainstream, i guess) vaguely based off an anthro of a certain pokemon. It's a feline/canine race with a somewhat flat face, black/blue fur and a whole lotta boofy white fur covering the body. Also a little avian in there, with big, pointy, feathery ears. And of course, there's a bigass bushy white tail. ^_^

... with blades hidden amongst the fur ... >_>

... ^_^

Eh. I'll get a pic someday.

species Fluffy and white (Will get a comish someday)
gender male from New Zealand
loves Armageddon, Assassin, Dark likes Anime, Anthro, Bad Language hates Bovine, Equine, Sushi
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Latest Journal posted 02 Nov 2013

Well - it's official. I'm eighteen.

Now all the dirty little pictures and stories on my hard drive are actually there LEGALLY. Oh joy... * sighs *

... eh. Feels wierd.

Well - there goes my rebellious youthful spirit. I think I'm gonna go get drunk, watch porn and... fuck, idunno - invest in something maybe... what is it mature people do these days?

Short journal is short, and totological comment is totological.


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Brief 1 month ago
ryguyc99 2 months ago
So far in the great furry poll I have collected conclusive evidence that either furrys are childish ( that can't be right can it?) or mentally colorblind, witch is a condition when the mind actively blocks out color despite there not being a physical problem... So that's the update
ryguyc99 2 months ago
On a personal mission to change the world with this view shattering poll I'm conducting. What's your favorite color?
Terraphage 2 months ago
You're not gonna try to sell me something, are you?
I had one of those call me only ten minutes ago, and ALREADY they've given my number to everyone?
ryguyc99 2 months ago
i don't know whether to be relived or annoyed, someone took the poll seriously enough to respond but they took it to seriously and they think im going to sell them something( either way... whats ur favorite color?
Terraphage 2 months ago
I'm going to be nasty and awkward and tell you: I don't have one. My favourite colour is very mood-dependant and situation dependant, so it fluctuates. At the moment it's at silver - prone to change within the next two minutes.
Jolty 2 months ago
Hi there~! Nice to meetcha~
Picklessauce69 4 months ago
Hai- your profile makes me laugh!
ClockworkSable 7 months ago
Thonks for the fave beb.
Oh wait you never faved anything sorry
Terraphage 7 months ago
Whatcha talking about? Of course I fave. You're my fave scotsman, Sable. :3
ClockworkSable 7 months ago
Hyde Princeton 8 months ago
Thanks for the Watch and Faves, man!
MechaChick 9 months ago
Thanks for another fave sweetie <3
Terraphage 9 months ago
Nuuu worries, luv'. ; )

I love your art and it's style - it's both amazing and unique. There are few artists with such an individual style as yours.

But I'll point this out just while I'm here - one more thing i love is not your art itself, but your entire attitude and approach to art in general. It's one thing to draw for cash - but to simply offer gift art left-right and centre... it's just cool. ^_^

On that note, please get back to me when you have a space open? :3
I don't have anything i want drawn at this moment, but I simply know I'd LOVE something when you have the time.

... also, i MUST check out some of your stories... i've been a bit lazy on this site lately, I'll admit... I don't respond to half my PMs and barely touch my watchlist save for art.

I was halfway through the first chapter of affections but fell asleep (because it was 12:30 in the morning) and i never got back to it.

my bad... *scratches neck awkwardly*
MechaChick 9 months ago
Aww thank you <3 I'll be making a journal and offering some slot when they open. So it's people who are luckily watching me that will get the journal. I'll also be posting on some minor sites in their forums so it's at least giving others chances for some art. As far as I see it, I like making others happy. I touched the art up so it looks much better than it was before but sadly I can't edit as SF is bugged for edits at the moment. An image just doesn't rectify. Here's a couple of re-touched images, just for you as you're being such a sweetie :)

The bear one

And then there's that kitty I posted last.
Terraphage 9 months ago
Yeeessss... thank you. ^_^

I'll save these files... gimme a sec... *hums idly*

Keep up the good work. ^^
MechaChick 9 months ago
You're very welcome and thank you so much too for expressing interest in my work <3
MechaChick 10 months ago
Thanks for the fav.
ClockworkSable 10 months ago