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About Shariea

Hey everyone Im Shariea, you may call me Shar. Im a pretty friendly person, so please feel free to send me messages. I love meeting new people. Im a unique hybrid, though the mismash is pretty common. A dragonwolf, but with a little bit of leopard thrown in. I go by Shariea pretty much everywhere, I play WoW and other games and am constantly on skype chatting it up with my friends. I do alot of livestreams, and am active on tumblr as well. 


I have an FA where I am most active and a weasyl as well, all under the same name. Im easy to find if you know where to look. :P

Commission status: Open, pretty much always. ^^

species Dragonwolf
gender female
loves Anime, Anthro, Badge likes Albino, Anatomically Correct, Clean
176 submissions 75,804 page views 517 comments received 218 comments posted 9,619 profile views
groups   My Yiffy Pony
  Movie Furs America

Latest Journal posted 04 Jul 2013

I dont happen to update here very often, so if you want to get in touch with me, or just see more recent art please follow me on either tumblr or twitter or both.

And please feel free to ask me questions, I dont bite! I love meeting new people, so go ahead and hit me up. ^^


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Sylversin 1 month ago
I really would love to see more art from you.
adiago 1 year ago
my waifu ♥
d3monstar 1 year ago
Glad to have finally found you on sofurry, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your art, the change from the older stuff to the new is profound! Keep getting better.
Lonestarwolf 1 year ago
Really awesome Work! I real love your art work
& your imagination too.
Rohen 1 year ago
-Leaves his beloved a box of cookies- :3
adiago 1 year ago
Shariea 1 year ago
<3<3 lol
leera m. love 1 year ago
i love all your ate work sexy and cool.
Shariea 1 year ago
Oh thank you very much! That means alot to me.
adiago 1 year ago
Toumal 1 year ago
Your recent art flood is epic <3
Shariea 1 year ago
Thank you so much!
Rohen 2 years ago
Good to have you closer, babe. Love you to pieces and beyond. -Kisses-