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Latest Journal posted 27 Nov 2013

Welp! I have another song. I'm really enjoying making this music; love it!

The song is called, 'The Clock Ticks Forth and Back'.

If you all get a chance to listen, as always, I hope you enjoy. ;3

(Still haven't figured out how to put them in the music galleries; probably have to buy and download them as mp3.)


Rhum 5 days ago
Ray Cottonfang 5 days ago
You're welcome! I love seeing sketch work!

You're fursona is very unique as well. You may get this a lot, and I'm sorry first and foremost if it is with a begrudging taste, but he'd be sexy in a kilt. X3

(Of course you've already proven he'd be sexy without one too, so, what more can be said.)
Johnnaman 3 weeks ago
Ray Cottonfang 5 days ago
*Two weeks Later*

Hans Underpaw 2 months ago
Ray Cottonfang 2 months ago
TyVulpintaur 2 months ago
Picks up and nuzzles ^^
Ray Cottonfang 2 months ago
Hey!!!! :D
TyVulpintaur 2 months ago
How you?
Johnnaman 3 months ago
Merry Christmas! :D
TyVulpintaur 3 months ago
Merry Christmas!
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Arogard 4 months ago
anytime master :3
Ray Cottonfang 4 months ago
ProfessorPasserine 4 months ago
RAY! a gargoyle said it's your birthday. so Happy Birfday!!!!!!
Ray Cottonfang 4 months ago
Thank you so much, Professor! *Hugs*
Io 4 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNNY! *Pounce, Hugs, Licks* many happy returns of the day. XP
Ray Cottonfang 4 months ago
Thank you!!! *Huggles*
Io 5 months ago
Happy Halloween! now were is my treat? XP
Ray Cottonfang 4 months ago
Might get it on Thanksgiving. ;3