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About Ykoriana

I am a student trying to get a masters, I am happily matted and I am an artist trying to sell my artwork.
If you are interested in buying any of the pieces in this gallery, send me a note.

REQUESTS: I don't do requests for the simple fact I have no time for the "art for fun" thing right now :(
TRADES: I only do trades with people I know I can trust to do their part... sorry
COLLABORATIONS: I can't guarantee anything due to the afore mention lack of time but note me and we'll see!

Have a look in my store!

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Latest Journal posted 29 Nov 2013

Black Friday commissions are open. 25% Discount!

Please look in here for details:


Sylversin 1 month ago
your simply amazing. do you do commisions? probably really pricey
Ykoriana 1 month ago
Thank you!
Yes I do commissions. Here is the info and prices:
HarlequinPied 1 year ago
You're welcome! Your work is lovely--I especially like the subtle lighting. Keep it up! :)
AnnoyedDragon 1 year ago
Hey ^.=.^
Raziel dragon 1 year ago
Np ! Thanks for keeping up the great work and Good Luck on your Masters degree!! : )
Gigi1t 1 year ago
You're welcome! I'm love'en your art :3
TealDeer 1 year ago
aw.. Thank you for sharing your art! I adore your style.
wolfure 1 year ago
thank you
and np :P
nokia2125 1 year ago
Your mad speed painting skills are just stunning ^_^, I'll be keeping an eye out for moar :D
Prowl-Ar 1 year ago
You're welcome.
Celestial-Being 1 year ago
Anytime. lol.