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Hey everyone! My name's Luzian Joy and I'm an Artic Fox with dark gray tips on my ears and tail. I currently live in Canada and I'm an artist not the best but still an artist and I try my best. I'm also a poet but I'm too embaressed to put up most my work so unless friends make me to post it your probably not going to see much of that. Either than that there's not much about me, if you have any questions just pm me. ^^

Here's my DA account if anyone's interested

species Artic Fox
gender male from Smithville, Canada
loves 69, Balls, Bondage hates 420, Avian, Babyfur
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Latest Journal posted 07 Nov 2011

Why do we live
Why do we die
I don't know why
And I'm not going to try

We all take a chance
In this world of strife
We all take a chance
To live our life

The innocent stolen
As the guilty live
The good soul broken
The bad strengthens his

But life is not measured
In the good or bad
It's measured in moments
In the good times you had

When we leave this world
We leave all our friends
But we leave them with memories
And the fun that we had

So why do we live
Why do we die
Nobody knows
So don't go and try

-Kyle Joy

~dedicated to Lee-Lee~

KlonoaPrower 1 year ago
Thankies for the watch! *lickies*
ReignNAragor 1 year ago
Thanks for watching ad faving :) Appreciate it very much!
Naki_husky 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the watch. ^^
Reggie Southpaw 2 years ago
Thanks for the faves and the watch :)
Salzyeo 2 years ago
Don't be a stranger foxy!
JoyBoy 2 years ago
Don't worry I won't ;3
Gareth Gryphonclaw 2 years ago
Here's some classiness back for your shout box: Just being joyful and affectionate will spread joy to others! (So long as they're not being all bitter)
JoyBoy 2 years ago
thats so true being bitter wont help with anything instead look on the bright side on keep on moving down the road
Anielde 3 years ago
Consider your shoutbox cherry officially popped >:3