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Im a Fur From England, Perhaps you've heard of me species Wolf
gender male from Sunderland, England
loves Anthro, Badge, Clean likes Anime, Athlete, Donut tolerates Apophysis, Political, Rule 34 hates boobs, joykill
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Latest Journal posted 09 Feb 2012

Im sorry how little ive uploaded my work compared to Fur Affinity, and promis to come back in the next coupple of days with mroe artwork that can fit into your wazoo.!! and sorry for the late notes ive not sent X_X

CrazyGoLucky 1 year ago
Ross.. This is the account I use :I
It's had work on it for ages!
TrackerFox 1 year ago
stop getting your c**k out everywhere Nightwind! :P
furry_luva 1 year ago
Hiii :3 thanks for being my friend ^^ *hugs*
RavetheFox 2 years ago
love your art