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species Devil Tiger Cat
gender male
loves 3D, 69, 8-bit likes Abuse, Afghan hound, Albino tolerates Anal vore, Armadillo, Bathroom hates Bleach, Church, Frog
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Latest Journal posted 04 Jan 2013

After a looong long time of being busy and such I have returned and will start to upload new works over this weekend! ovo sorry for being long for so gone. A lot has happened since I poofed xD. I have a new mate now. Her name is Dessa. Expect some art of us  <3. I am now 20 xD. And yeah. Shit happened.


 Since I do not have paypal yet, You can pay me on wolfhome or almost any chatlands website i guess. since 1.00$ equals 1.00delta directly-- its like the same sort of payment except I'll be using it to keep my subscription going!


 I am doing custom wolfhome poses, regular art chibis, and regular fullbodies.

One wolfhome pose is 0.20$ for a small one, and 0.40$ for a big one.

A Chibi commisions is 1.00$ (additional characters +0.40$)

and A full body is 4.00$ ( additional characters +1.00$)

ALSO 100x100 size icons are 0.40

 also also if there is an existing free wolfhom...

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