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hello, I'm Kail, the otter, I'm Male, Bi, Taken, sorry ;) I have a you tube, KailTheOtter, I just started it but will try to post often :3, I am open for writing commissions, 3D Text, and website building commissions (individual priced) if you have any questions for me, either PM me or email me at species brown north american river otter
gender male from Fletcher, United States Of America
loves Cum, Cum Digestion, Deep Throat likes Canine, First Date, Fursuit tolerates Foot Fetish, Non-anthro hates Alien, Emo, Male Pregnancy
24 submissions 16,075 page views 148 comments received 277 comments posted 8,441 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 24 Aug 2012

hey guys, i Just opened up an online furry clothing store. check it out and let me know what you think? Im hoping to have a booth at anthrocon if this acctually dose well, so feedback is important. Custom shirts are also avaliable (PM me)

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Eito 6 months ago
hai! :>
Furlow 1 year ago
Tankies for a favin :)
Devon Bearcoon 1 year ago
Cute icon :)
Oblong Pomegranate 1 year ago
Thank you very much for the fave, the 5* rating, and especially the watch! I really appreciate it!
Kael Falconvale 1 year ago
:O omgz! its an otter x3 om nom nom nom
KailTheOtter 1 year ago
OMG wolfeh omnom *glomp*
RedWhiteFeather 1 year ago
that's a late reply there.
kaiotter 1 year ago
Hi!! Just wanted to say hi since our names are so close!!! lol!
KailTheOtter 1 year ago
well hello there =D
Wulfer 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch *wags*
salmy 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for watching! ^^
GingerBear 2 years ago
Just so you know, sometimes on your profile your icons lag xD they don't dance in sync! It's very destracting hahhahahaha