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species Hyena
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loves Anime, Anthro, Cuddling likes 70s, 80s, Bluegrass tolerates busty hates Cheating, Gore, M/M
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Latest Journal posted 11 Sep 2011

My sudden disappearance and lack of updates was due to a little breakdown Too much stress, I guess. I was pressuring myself to draw and ended up losing all motivation to do so. But I am recovering from it now, chatting with my friends again, and drawing! So ya'll can expect to see art from me again :3

1. Rags - Colored
2. JazzLizard - Acomi
3. Braynbauer - Taylin


Kashmere 1 year ago
Thanks a ton for the Watch! ^^
kaleidoVista 2 years ago
There is a nice animation aesthetic to your style!
shani-hyena 1 year ago
Thanks! ^^ And thanks for the watch and fav <3
TechKat 2 years ago
You are welcome! :3
Jerhevon 2 years ago
*random steggy snuffles a cute Hyena* :) I hope things have been well.
shani-hyena 2 years ago
Things have been alright ^^ Just lacking inspiration and such...
Acid Bane 2 years ago
No prob, there's a lack of good (or any) Rottie art out there)
mugman 2 years ago
happy b-day
mugman 2 years ago
s'right my dear it was sooo cute!
mugman 2 years ago
hmmm a kitty's place how can i tell? cat hairs and toys, *sweeps hairs up and cleans bed leaving cat-nip toy behind*
Daft 2 years ago
*buttscoots across your page*
thelunacy-fringe 2 years ago
thanks so much for the watch c:
shani-hyena 2 years ago
you're welcome :3