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Located in Indiana
Love to talk poetry, literature, and music, and occasionally make attempts to be creative.
I like some anime. (just ask)
I like certain comic series.
I don't watch TV.
I work a hard to earn the things I want in life.
I'm 23, but if I'm in a mood, the care and conviction with which I speak might surprise you.
species Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus, white fur)
gender male
loves 69, Adult, Adventure likes 3D, 8-bit, 80s tolerates 420, Abduction, Abuse hates 70s, Acid Jazz, Albino
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Latest Journal posted 15 Jun 2011

So, I haven't written anything in a long time. As in, the last story series I wrote, short or lengthy, began when I was in the Seventh Grade (1999, I think?) and ended shortly befor my Junior year (2005).

 It was a fan-fiction revolving around the Tenchi Muyo universe and characters with splashes and mish-mashes of my own original characters and various other anime universes. It spanned twenty or so wire-bound notebooks, and was never posted or preserved digitaly, and when I moved out of my dad's house to live with my mother, it was lost somewhere along the way.

So now, with the immense freetime I find myself with, and despite the nagging fear of having my work comprimised again; I intend to begin peicing together a new series.

Here is a sort-of "What does this contain? / What is it about?":

This is a story revolving around a young man and his Digimon partner, a female Renamon. (Neither of them have solid names yet.)
In this spinning of the multiverse, Renamon ...

TheMightyKhan 2 years ago
Thanks for the faves, brother! /,,/
capthavoc123 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch!