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AC/DC is my favourite band. I have 10 themes, all by AC/DC: Who made Who, Hell's Bells, You shook me all night long, D.T., If you want Blood, For those about to rock, Chase the Ace, It's a long way to the top, Shake your Foundations and Ride On. My main theme is Sink the Pink. I am mated with a very beautiful raccoon, June "Hunter" Aldrax McCloud. species Canine - wolf - Reddish Brown - 6'5"
gender male
loves Rock, thriller likes beach tolerates Lust hates Slavery, Torture, kinky
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kalamadae 2 years ago
*purrs* Glad you enjoyed Lily
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago
Your welcome.

(Notice the different user name.)
r_jinx 2 years ago
Thank you for the stars!
Son of Ignitus 2 years ago
Thanks for liking my picture
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Your welcome.
HybridTheory 2 years ago
Hi, Im new on the site, and I have to say you have great taste in celebrities ^_^
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Thanks. Welcome.
thestarwarrior 2 years ago
When I updated my internet it didn't react well with sofurry. I can't PM or click on the my threads tab on the form. There was one time I couldn't even long on. Try sending me a link to the RP on my home page, that might help some until I find out what is going on.
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Home page?
Tantorog 2 years ago
well..... why not? if you are a metalhead too :P
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Well, I'm more of a rocker.
Tantorog 2 years ago
and? what does that change? Rock on!
Tantorog 2 years ago
valereth 2 years ago
I saw your name and had to comment. FUCK! YEAH! ACDC!
KSapphire8989 2 years ago
Thanks so much for the voting. ^^
Aleixter 2 years ago
O: Naughty man... hehe thanks for the comment!
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Your welcome.