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Back in Back Xion got his gears on muahahhaa I ish is little busy

but I tried come backand create new stories since I got some spare time so tune in

if ever bored wanna chat by all means though I do like to RP to so don't be shy now ^,^

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Latest Journal posted 11 Dec 2011
Sad story to tell T-T all my work and computer destoryed seriously i went on holiday to get away from work then cameback and my computer it was like in half blown up boom you shoulda seen my face good thing it was insured sooo i bought a notebook small but works fine ill have to post pone the story for awhile mainly because its christmas anyways hope been good talk to ya laterz, Also when I logged back on for some reason I could not upload or pm others so went and asked two people for help one said he would look into it while the other said click on the button compatibly she sent me image what to do but the image was to big so I could not see what to do nightmare so I gave up and choose different browser and now it works woot and now i will be making the story chapter 4 funny dream again ^.^

MasterG 2 years ago
yo - what kind a help? ^^