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*MY MAIN ACCOUNT IS ON FA. Those wishing to socialize, or see most of my stuff, are encouraged thusly*

I'm a southern dude, born and raised in the Charlotte metro, yet middle-American in spirit. I've been a writer at varied places, ranging from to Mediaminer to Furaffinity to here, and many parts inbetween. I have a passion for hiking, green tea, light thunderstorms, and putting adult themes and levels of plot development into staples of late '80s-early 90's media, as most of my work reflects.

I'm something of a combo between serious and laid-back, proud to have a healthy sense of humour, and always open to new buddies, so feel free to drop me a line if you're interested.

species Nidoking
gender male
loves 69, 80s, Alligator likes Domination/Submission, French Language
57 submissions 36,195 page views 243 comments received 151 comments posted 11,132 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 21 May 2013

Yep, fresh-off-the-mental-presses. Tested a new method, uploading one per day. Partly done for test, partly for how bass-ackwards it is to paste everything from Word and have to Ctrl+Shift my way through redoing all the indentation.

As you've seen on my main page, I would *strongly* urge any viewers of my fics to follow me on FA. Fics are uploaded there much sooner, plus you get to see all da lovely BBCode, the way my stuff was made. Mmmm... Bolds and italics...

Latah boos.

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Dreamous 1 week ago
Oh wow. Thanks! X3 I'm glad you know my stuff, that's really cool. Your story rocked, great job :D
BlueWolfSage 1 month ago
No problem. :)
Foxpiper 1 month ago
Thank you for adding me to your watch list.
KrytheonRenzorii 1 month ago
Yippee, I got a watcher! Thanks :3
Evane 3 months ago
Hey, i always loved your sexy hot daddy character!
FoxyJ 5 months ago
Thank's a bunch for the watch
Spab 5 months ago
What a great profile you've got there! I like that artwork a lot! :D
Many greetings!
Eightane 5 months ago
Thanks! I don't draw the visual art you see, that's by others. But thanks for likin' my taste!
CrimsonMercury7192 5 months ago
Yes I did!! XD
Booyakasha011 5 months ago
you're welcome <.///.<
grune-daddy 6 months ago
Not a problem :)