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I'm done with all Commisions pretty much.  But I'd be willing to trade a story for Art.  I really need some more of that stuff.

Hey so!~  I now have a permanent character... Which is me!!  :D


Paul -Chemical- Rueger

A human, of mortal ties.  I stumbled across a drink that was like the apple of knowledge except concentrated.  I formed ideas at a fast rate and learned how to manipulate matter and unlock all parts of the DNA strands that made me. Part of the messing with matter, when I had first gotten the knowledge, leeked into a dimmension and pulled two rather smart girls One named Alice, and one named Christie, into our universe.

Alice was a bright young girl of 18.  She was very Energetic and had the spirit to back it up due to her hair being a bright Pink.

Christie on the other hand was a mature girl four years older than Alice.  She had her good moments and her bad moments but above all she was the most level headed of us combined three, leading to her being a mother in our three man group. The bottle of knowledge was drank completely by me, and now I hold the power of creation by using what was there, leading me to pursuits of playing with others like toys.

 Pretty much the starting of my own personal stories, and the reason for my other stories.

I still look like myself amazingly enough.  The shorts remained constant, my A7X t-shirt was replicated and now I have constant copies of that, the only exception being my outfit is with a Black lab coat with about 30 vials contained within the inside pockets of it.

species Human
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 11 Jan 2014

Here I am, friggen almost 5 Am where I live and guess what? still haven't gone to sleep since the previous day. MY mind is in such a wandering haze that it's filled to the brim with ideas for stories and all sorts of tales that weave together right. But the body is leaving me incapable of writing all of that down. I'm pretty amazed I wrote this little blurb. 

Well, lets see how it translates onto a word document so I can get you all SOMETHING since it's been a while.

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