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About kornfreakpeaches
Here stand a 5'6(ish) raven. I may seem familiar, I am. i've been around many fursites so don't fret. In short: (iIlook like a captain Jack sparrow rip off).

Semi- Detailed: I have a cutlass, ordinary looking. I have a flint lock pistol that has 3 chambers the revolve per shot, can hold 1 shot per barrel. Don't worry i won't use these RP weapons on fellow furs.
species Raven
gender male from USA
loves 69, Adult, Afghan hound likes Adventure, Commentary, Public tolerates Abduction, Action, Athlete hates 420, Abuse, Alcohol
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RedWhiteFeather 2 years ago
Churp durp. :>
kornfreakpeaches 2 years ago
caw >v>
Iaka_Brennan 3 years ago
Toumal 3 years ago
*meeps and waves* ^_^
kornfreakpeaches 3 years ago
*giggles and waves back* ^v^