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About Kaoruko Lee
Please note, for now I think this profile is done.. I don't plan on uploading new things soon, I haven't written much content worthy of it anyway. Thanks.

Hello! :P
I suck at talking about myself.. so here is an awkward attempt to do so!

My full name is Kaoruko Lee, or if we're close friends you could call me Kao or Kaoru for short! (Actually you ccan do it if you are not.. I wouldn't care!).

I am an 18 year old Wox from the United States and I'm in between being homosexual and asexual. To help ya out, a wox (me anyway..) is a wolf-fox-raccoon hybrid. 


I'm a very playful person, and I wish i could be around more often to view and read the awesome content posted to the site. I like meeting new people from other places than North America, and I aspire to be a Psycologist of some sort.

I also love, love, icon_inlove.gif to read, write, and create digital art. I also love music and iced tea :0

I currently am balancing school and my addiction to video games, and my long distance partner, but I also write to one of my four ongoing stories in my bored or brainstorm times. I havent yet figured out how to write explicit contents yet.. so for now everything is gonna be very descriptive and un-adult!


species Dire wolf
gender male
loves Canine, Cuddling, Emotional likes No-Yiff, young romance tolerates Bondage, Breakbeat, Dragon hates F/F, Gore, M/F
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