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Hey! I'm a cat/golden retreiver hybrid and I love to read and write. I'm really random and people say I'm really funny. I consider myself a generally friendly person, but I'm kind of shy around new people. Please feel free to shoutbox or PM me!

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Latest Journal posted 23 Jul 2012

Hello, all. I've decided to end my Beginnings story. I haven't written anything in a long time, and I think it's time to end it. I'll hopefully get it up soon. 

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Oblong Pomegranate 1 year ago
Thanks very much for the fave!
Kaleb 1 year ago
You're not often on the Chat. I'd love it if we could chat.
Cyan Argent 1 year ago
Hey thanks so much for the watch! <3
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Gratias tibi nam "fav" ago!
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago
hey mate how have you been?
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
Thanks very much for the Fav on Dragon Tribe 1: Fun In The Forest! Really hope you enjoy the others in the series, too. Please feel free to leave a comment if ya do!
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago
hey mate thanks for the watch, cheers!
BuckSaber 2 years ago
Thanks for watching, mate! :3
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!!!!

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