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Allen Mchunt is a little pudgy and weighs about 180 pounds and he is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. his skin is pretty much pink in color except for a splotch of of black in the center of his chest and a line of black going up his spine from the small of his back to the base of his neck. he likes to wear bright long sleeve shirts and loose fitting khaki pants as well as UV blocking sunglasses and a tan fedora. he is a geek and he loves video games and comic books, he likes to read fantasy and science fiction novels, he enjoys comedy and action movies. he is quite shy and gets nervous in romantic situations. species sphynx cat
gender male from shafter, usa
loves Biting, Bodypaint, Bondage likes Chocolate, Chubby, Crossdressing tolerates Bukkake hates Babyfur, Death, Genital vore
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groups   Tentacles on Males
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Legion members:

            The Heroes Legion:

                        The Green Knight-

Wields ancient atlantian sword, shield, spear, and armor. The spear and sword allow him to use magical ranged attacks in the form of pure energy beams and crescents. The shield can absorb most magical attacks and energy types and can transfer it to the sword and the spear.  The armor is made of atlantian steel which is stronger than any other known metal.


                        The Red Whip-

Once a scientist working on a way to never need clothes again, her experiment went wrong and the morphing gel bonded with her skin. She can morph the gel into whips, blades, chains, maces, and many other weapons and items and even clothes and outfits.


                        Tech Girl-

Once a villain and ex-mechanic she has built herself a battle suit equipped with twin plasma machin...

Sonic Fox 9 months ago
Thanks for watching
bhscorch1313 1 year ago
RAWR! There, now your shout-box isn't so lonely... Lol, just dropping by and saying hi! (P.S.; Hi. ^_^)
vamplust 1 year ago
yes hello :]
Heuvadoches 2 years ago
((Thanks to your interest, I now know much more about the Parasaurolophus. Are you a P. walkeri or a P. tubicen?))
a bald cat 2 years ago
all i know about it is that it is supposed to be the loudest of the dinosaurs and thought that could be a cool super power for his alter ego The Spectacular Geek
MangoPaw95 2 years ago
no problem :D
Dean Blitz 2 years ago
Justice appreciates your watch, Friend of Friends!
a bald cat 2 years ago
hahaha did you come up with that or is it from something
Dean Blitz 2 years ago
The term Friend of Friends came from some parody from the web, but Justice... Justice is the Patron Saint of Heroes. It is also a great word to shout in supermarkets.
a bald cat 2 years ago
i bet =3
IsaidRAWR 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! C=
a bald cat 2 years ago
no problem