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About Castro Talon

Name: Castro Talon

Species: Husky

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Fur Color: Black and White

Eyes: Light Blue

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Drawing

Personality: Kind, Shy (At first!), Loyal, Calm, Hard Working, Compassionate,

Likes: Salads, Autumn, Passionate Romance Moments, Roses, Music, Talking, Silnis (I Luvs u so much! <3)

Hates: Pasta (tasteless in my opinion :P), Sadness, Pain, Winter,

species Husky
gender male
loves Adventure, Anime, Anime/manga likes Alien, Amy Rose, Asian tolerates Cat, Evil, Jackal hates Anal vore, Bat, Death Metal
49 submissions 60,764 page views 672 comments received 326 comments posted 13,445 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Male Human x Furry
  Otters Galore!

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Latest Journal posted 18 Aug 2012

Well its time for me to go to college. I won't lie I'm terrified about it but I will try my best. Thank you all for liking my stories, sorry I couldn't finish my Public Enemies and my Rich and The Poor series. Summer just flew by and I was doing nothing but preparing for college the last month and a half. I want to make this clear to all of you my fans, thank you for reading my stories. It really helped me knowing my ideas were at least interesting to other people. If I do have time I will try to finish my series but I'm not making any promises. Wish me luck in college and if you could give me any advise I would love it. Thanks again SoFurry!

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Tristan Black Wolf 10 months ago
Thank you for watching, and for the 5/5 and "fave" of "Full Contact." I hope my work continues to entertain you!
GTHusky 1 year ago here's the drawing. Sorry it took so long. I hope you like it.
Maxie 1 year ago
Hello there
BobbyTigre 1 year ago
thx for watch!
DireBlackWings 1 year ago
woops i mean watch :P
DireBlackWings 1 year ago
i forgot to fav you too, i love your but for some reason i forgot to fav you...i blame you for this, if your series and silins series werent so dam goo, it wouldnt have been in my head after i finish a chapter and i would of been able to fav you guys :P
deltroon1986 1 year ago
Many thanks for the Watch, Vote and Faves I really Appreciate them. :-)
Anupap 1 year ago
Thank you for the fave! ^^
welcome <3
Vastune 1 year ago
Bring it castro!-pulls out two guns icon_biggrin.gif im going to give ya more holes than swiss cheese!