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About Milo Smith

Name: Milo Smith

Species: Lion

Birthday: July 27

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, meeting new people, drawing, concerts, Xbox (mostly forza but I really like portal and half-life as well), learning all that I can about technology, and all kinds of movies.

About Me: I'm an 20 year old lion with blue eyes. I find the furry community here interesting and fun, I admire all the art and ocassionaly enjoy some yiff art from time to time. My interests include the electronic world and all its news, being outdoors, reading (mostly mystery or thrillers). I also like video games, my Xbox Live gamertag is BettingCastle54, and meeting new people. My favorite stories usually include some cute themes, loving characters and some romance. Favorite characters are usually dogs, wolves, or foxes although I do enjoy felines ocassionaly. I'd love to get to know more people that I can relate to so dont be afraid to contact me, I'm pretty non-judgmental:)

species Lion
gender male from Oakley, Utah, United States
loves 8-bit, Akita, Arctic Fox likes Anal, Bathing, Coming Out tolerates Alligator, Death, Dinosaur hates Cheating, Depressing, Drowning
19 submissions 15,778 page views 240 comments received 538 comments posted 12,011 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Male Incest

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Latest Journal posted 21 Mar 2014

Hey everybody,

I know its been a long time since I was last active but I do have some good news. First things first, I got another new car. This one is a 2007 Subaru Legacy GT Limited, HIs namer is Archer after the Sterling Silver color he is:) I absolutely love him and can't wait to customize him and make him my own, and am open to suggestion too! Second, I picked up a 2013 MacBook Pro today so I can go back to school and finish out my associates degree, as well as hopefully become more active here too! And third, I'm looking for a new job or two and once that falls into place i might be moving so I'll be busy pretty much all the time but i hope to be busy with projects for here too! I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from you all!:)


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firefromheaven 3 months ago
Thanks for the favorite on "Reverse Cowboy". I hope you give some of my others a read.
Tristan Black Wolf 4 months ago
Thanks for the vote and fave for "Academic Defenses." We should be returning to Harris fairly soon. ;)
Tristan Black Wolf 5 months ago
Thanks for the 5/5 vote on my story "Character Reference" -- I appreciate it!
Primus Leonides 5 months ago
Thanks for a vote on another chapter.
sisco 5 months ago
Thanks kindly for the watch
BobbyTigre 6 months ago
thanks for da watch!
Firo 6 months ago
thx for the fave!
Primus Leonides 6 months ago
Thanks for another fave on the Under Control series.
Primus Leonides 6 months ago
Thanks for the fave on my story in the Under Control series.
bearwithin 7 months ago
Thanks for the vote, etc! *Woofs!*