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Hey everyone!

Out of the catagories im given to post in, it's mainly going to be stories, even if im not the best of writers, i just hope you all enjoy it. Im not a very good artist, so i might only ever make 1 or 2 drawings. Music wise, i only know percussion, so none of that :P

Now for some more personal stuff:
I was born in England, but now live in West Coast Canada.

I you want to ask me anything, message me and i will be more than happy to reply.
species Red Wolf (Canis rufus)
gender male
loves Anthro, Character Development, Kissing likes Bubble Bath, Domination/Submission, No-Yiff tolerates marijuana hates Abuse, Evil, disaster
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Latest Journal posted 10 Oct 2011

Ive been on this site for how long now? And never made one journal. Well, today I bring you good news via SF JournalĀ©! I have just been given the wonderul gift of having someone to love! Its my first M/M relationship, so it means an awful lot to me. It is long distance, though not the furthest distance ever. Just the priovince next to mine. Anyways, to thoughs who know me, this will probably come as a shock. I hope that you can suport me, as I really do love him. Anyways, his name is Mason, and I will link his FA profile, as Im unsure if he has SF. Peace everyone! <3

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Chaser 2 years ago
Thought I'd fill your shoutbox instead of replying on my page x3 Anyway, my pleasure!!! You should definitely keep on going!
Minimoose1441 2 years ago
Thanks, i will :) Im still hoping to get it out soonish.
Chaser 2 years ago
Nema problemas! And don't force it because of us, just do you thing! ;D
Oren-Northpaw 2 years ago
Thanks for the comment and the fav, you don't know how much it means to me ^.^
Minimoose1441 2 years ago
Np, it will be intresting to see if the story continues.
Willace Diamond 2 years ago
hey there lil' red wolf, I thank you for the fave.
Minimoose1441 2 years ago
Np, it was a good side story.
ShadowFist18 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch
Minimoose1441 2 years ago
Np, im looking foward to new stuff :)