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About Duo Theus

Duo Theus is a dragon as well as a god of love. A god character who chooses to spend his free time enjoying life and dwelling around with the mortals. He also loves to slap butts as he is the butt slapping dragon god of love. His butt slaps are a friendly gesture, not sexual. They are also not painful. "Everyone gets at least one" Is his philosophy on butt slaps, which means everyone should at least get one butt slap, or meet him.

He is very kind, playful, and can act very lustful when he desires, though that is not his core feature. Duo can be sensitive at times, but often keeps his emotions to himself unless he needs to vent.

The dragon has had a traumatic childhood experience which still haunts him today and he does not prefer to talk about it unless you become close to him. This event makes it difficult for him to get close to someone at times, and also reminds him of the hatred of who he is.

He is a sweetheart and has his own sense of romance, often used to entertain, but he loves the well being of those he would call his friends. He does not like to hurt, he does not like pain, so he will often avoid those situations unless it cannot be avoided.

Duo Theus is not some push over, though he is very kind. He is rather powerful and has destroyed many worlds which he still grieves for these actions. He does not like to be used to taken advantage of.

The dragon is very silly and loves humor. He gets along best with those who have a sense of humor and are as open minded as himself. He has a sense of personal space which he ignores due to his title. He can be very child like at times, but still be sharp and cunning if the situation calls for it.

Duo is a friend who knows love and will help anyone who wishes assistance in that area, after all he is a god of love. He enjoys time with those he would call friend.

In a sense of his personality, Duo is the type of character that would enjoy entertaining his friends or guests. An example would be a pair of beetles fighting in the grass on a rock. Just for the fun of it, he would say "This battle must be epic!" then he would create a large thunderstorm and fire around the pair fighter. Of course he would fix the damage he has caused once the fight is over.

He would also tend to do odd things to catch an eye or make others looks, not for attention, but to entertain and make someone laugh. Often he will ride around a seemingly invisible bike, or quote movies. Keep an eye out for such actions.

Duo always floats in the air. He may be wingless, but he can easily fly and does so most of the time.

Duo is always naked. There is a reason for this, which he keeps secret, though tends to say "I simply do not enjoy the restriction of clothing."

Sexual Preferences

Sexually, Duo is omnisexual, but calls himself bisexual. He can be very sexual and loves to tease, but is very tender about such things. He does not like to take advantage and is rarely in a sexual mood, but when he is he lets others know it.

Duo is a top and a dom when it comes to males. He will only bottom for someone he is very very very close with or a mate. His preferences with males, are that he does not care usually, but is very sexually attracted to femboys and cuntboys, this stems from his desire for women.

Women are different. Duo loves women and their company and often will drop everything to talk with a lady. Sexually he is more attracted to women (a reason why he enjoys femboys and cuntboys), but he does not lust for them.

Duo will have sex with many if they desire it, though it does not make him a slut or slutty. He does this for a very specific reason, that being a secret that he will share if someone asks.

In the end, Duo wants love over all. Love in its' true and purest form. He would make love rather then sex since sex is more lust related and love making is different. Though he only makes love with those he is very close too, a very rare thing for the dragon.


Duo has four forms, or bodies. His most common used one is what he calls his love form.

Love Form- The love form ( is the form he is in the most. He calls it the love form as he developed the body to be easy to be intimate with. He has no ears and has hanging genitalia. His scales are similar to skin and feels very close to skin, though still tough enough to endure sharp objects or other things.

In this form, Duo has a lot of power associated with him. It is a side he does not wish to show since he can hurt a lot of others. The purpose of this form is to make him approachable as well as an eye catcher. He does not want others to fear him because he is a god.

His height is roughly six feet tall, his horns are long, and his scales are gold and black inner scales. He has a long tail that can stretch out as far as 90 feet.

Battle Form- The battle form ( was created for when there was a force powerful enough that he would have to transform. This body allows Duo to have more power to use, but the body itself is very lethal.

He is much bigger, weighing a few tons to a few suns. His scales emit venom and poisons as well as other toxins and are very lethal to touch. Very few can actually touch him when he is in this form.

His scale colors have switched since the gold will distract and attract foes to strike certain areas, allowing him to counter quickly.

Tail is much shorter and does not stretch out, but the tip opens up. Back scales conceal spikes down his spine. He has no testicles or outside hanging genitalia for obvious reasons.

Cute Form- Duo's newest form that he appears as a small chibi like winged dragon that can rest on your shoulder. The purpose of this form is to draw away from his love form. Feeling that many keep bothering him for lust, he will often transform to this tiny form to get his point across.

He still loves to slap butts in this smaller form and it is much more fun for him since he is roughly the size of one cheek. His scales are the same colors and pattern as his love form, though with the addition of two wings.

He is much more cute, and lacks outside genitalia.

Divine/god form- This is Duo at his most powerful ( ). This form is strictly forbidden unless there is such a force that would have to call upon such power for him to transform into his divine state. There have been very few battles that Duo had to use his divine form, but when he is in this state, beware and prepare to die since the threat must be big enough for him to call upon such power.

This form, he can change his size (as with all his forms if need be), but keeps himself very, very large. A mountain range would be dwarfed by the size of his feet.

He looks more like a feral dragon, large,scales all gold and emitting light, though now his horns have a slight upward curve in them and his eyes look more fierce, he looks pretty much the same.

He has no outside genitalia, nor is it known if this form even has genitalia.

Other Forms- These are kept secret as they are his appearance before he turned into a god.

Sexual Stats

Duo Theus is omnisexual but calls himself bisexual. He does not care about genders, though finds himself more attracted to women.

Penis wise, his length in his love form is kept roughly average, around 6 inches. He keeps it this way for a very specific reason, that being something you may wish to ask him. He keeps it very human, cut, simply because he finds that kind of penis very nice and it is very easy to understand and enjoy (

In his battle form, his penis is 4.3 feet long (1.32 meters) and 1.6 feet (0.49 meters) girth/thickness. Its' appearance is more dragon like, but very ruthless and can damage hard. Why he made a penis for this form is on rare chance he finds someone able to withstand this body. (no image)

In his cute and chibi form, his penis is small as one could expect, at max only five inches, but he rarely has sex in this form and only has a penis in this form to humor some adventurous partners if he is not in the mood to transform back to his love form.

Duo's tail has been known to explore when it comes to sex.

Duo loves butts very very much. "Being a dragon, I am naturally attracted to large pieces of meat, so I like butts." It could be said he has a butt fetish, though not so much anal sex. He simply likes butts, big or small.

However, as much as Duo loves butts, he loves a vagina far more.

Other information

Common things he says "Everyone gets at least one." and "No worries mate"

Theme song: Romantic Divinity ( )

Appearance theme: Nates Draco Ferientes ( )

Divine theme: Love God's Requiem ( )

Duo loves to cuddle. Duo Theus is not his original name, but the name he gave himself upon becoming a god of love.

When he is embarrassed, he tends to shrink.

There is a second Duo, Duo Theas (revealed soon)

Duo does not poop or pee "Such actions are not something a god should ever do."

Duo's favorite foods are pizza, bacon, kittens, Surge, and many forms of junk food. "Junk food is the food of the gods. Mortals cannot process such divine taste, hence why their bodies go to shambles."

He smokes, not pot, but just cigs, and uses a cigarette holder. This is because he simply likes the flavor of smoke, being a dragon, it is pleasant to him.

Often he makes random noises

For some strange unknown reason, Duo's favorite song is Straight Up by Paula Abdul as he loves to just dance to that song.

Duo has a triple pointed tongue that can separate for a few inches.

Duo Theus hates his birthday, it is the saddest day for him and that is the day he needs someone the most, but never has anyone.

(Remember I tend to stay IN CHARACTER most of the time. Dont make me out to be an emo or drama llama, its in character, hes hyper sensitive to his emotions).

Mate: Hazel Roo ( )


Alex Dragon,

Jare Antair






Jugle The Moogle,



There is a lot more to Duo then what is told here, such as his life story. One must ask him about that and be close enough for him to share it. His issues is no one ever really wishes to know him for him.

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species Divine Dragon (a god of love)
gender male
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