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-) Basic Info (- Name: Loxen Sex: Male Age: 27 Hight: 5'7" Weight: 190 Appearance: Orange fur with white under belly and inner thighs. Has White tipped ears and tail. His arms and legs are black to his paws. His Eyes are green, with hint of brown. His head fur is dark brown. Personality: Attention seeking. Calm and level headed. Has a kind heart and trys to be considerate of others. Has a large Commpassion for hurting people and trys to help. He has a broken heart and most of the time has a far off gaze in his eye as he ponders life and its struggles. Hobbies: Strategy games. Shooting. Classical / instrimental music Family: Axle the red ( adopted son ) Main rooms I am in: Back room, Secluded beach, Heartbreak High I am a chat helper, but i enjoy Rping to pass the time^^ ()-RP INFO-() Setting: Present. Ex-Military. Sniper for the Navy. Works now at a school as a World history teacher and a wood shop teacher. Seldomly takes Merc jobs with a personal friend, RJ. Loxen lives in a two storie house and has his son Axle stay with him often. ( general RP ) Setting: Future. Space force Commodore. ( intertwined with private RP ) Pet: ( this is RP. A lot of this is the real me but I'm trying to stay RP. ) YWQ2YzQwY2ZmYTVk.gifloxen.jpg
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species North American Fox
gender male from America!
loves Alternative, Church, Fox likes Food, German Language, Nintendo hates 420, spider
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Latest Journal posted 07 Mar 2013

Hey all! My buddy boy Kensin is having a great deal! he needa some inspiration and so he is wanting to draw peoples characters or what ever I'm sure. He is a great artist, and even greater friend. Go check him out. Here is his journal: Please help him to help you^^ Thanks!


Harrar SwiftFang 2 months ago
Love you to!
Aaron8181 3 months ago
Thanks =)
Sam the Kobold 8 months ago
I do actually.
Lexy-Marie Skye 9 months ago
I miss you. :'c
Shaz 10 months ago
Heh, appreciated anyway ;)
Kelarna 1 year ago
*smiles and kisses the adorable young vulpine tenderly between the eyes* Good evening dear Loxen :)
Krauti 1 year ago
Loxen Ra'Sello 1 year ago
^^ perhaps we can find an alternative chat?

I have Skype: Loxen86

Or maybe something else?
Krauti 1 year ago
Loxen Ra'Sello 1 year ago
* hugs, holds. Nuzzles into his cheek. *

Thanks for saying hi.
Euro 1 year ago
lol I DO 8U
Kenshi 1 year ago
*Replaces your pillow with himself curls up in a ball*
Loxen Ra'Sello 1 year ago
* smiles and lays along the bed and rests head fully aginst *