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I come from FA, a lot of people here prob know me from there. My account is roo5588. I am a very open minded person who is frisky as hell. I am a adult writer who is into: feet paws stink musk muscle and most of all transformation. I have so many stories post on my FA account, it would take me forever to transfer them here, but from now on, I'll be submitting on both. If there is anything you think I should really bring over from my FA, please let me know. species Kangaroo
gender male from United States
loves 69, Albino, Alien likes Amphibian, Cetacean, Crossdressing tolerates Avian, Bisexual, F/F/F hates F/solo, Political, further confusion
220 submissions 1 roleplay characters 294,416 page views 1,678 comments received 599 comments posted 32,999 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 07 Nov 2013

this didn't work like I had planned the first time so I'll do it this way, send me a pic of your favorite bondage/torture pic and I'll try to write a sexy hot story based on it. No consent situations preferred. The picture does not have to be furry.

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BobbyTigre 6 months ago
Thanks for da watch! :3
Toumal 7 months ago
Long time no roo! ^^
Watchog 1 year ago
What's your Skype name? :o
Fann 1 year ago
Heya Roo! Thanks for the watch and the favorite, it means a load.
DrkKaiser 1 year ago
Roar, my foot-loving friend
Vincent Banks 1 year ago
Hi! Always nice to have another friend to chat with! I'm a writer, as well on SoFurry and FA. If you want to chat with me more, you can send me a PM whenever you like! See you soon!
WolfyD 1 year ago
Really nice stories :3 keep it up
Watchog 1 year ago
You sir, are a fantastic author. :3
the roo 1 year ago
thanks ;)
Toumal 2 years ago
hey roo, long time no see, everything ok?
the roo 2 years ago
Nothing, just busy with school. That, and I'm trying to write some stories to publish on amazon to make money.
Naki_husky 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the fav. ^^