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Hi people !

I don't like to introduce me, but if you want ask me something or some commissions, contact me with : or on Deviantart (with the same name) because I'm not really connected here !!

Please be gentle and please don't cut your words, because I'm french and it's not always easy to understand you !


Commissions Prices :

I simply to post a TO DO LIST and Art Statut here for people who are waiting art from me !

Request: CLOSED

Trade : CLOSED except:

* if I like your art so feel free to ask me, but if I accept, I begin my part only when I receive your part ;)

* if I ask you. :)

Commissions : CLOSED for now.

Laamina on DA 5%

Lord-Malachi on DA NOT PAYED

Wolffunny on DA 0%

Free Art Raffle Winners

Akimune (on FA/DA) : 15%

species Wolf
gender female from FRANCE
loves French Language, commission, trade hates Human
31 submissions 20,059 page views 328 comments received 155 comments posted 4,665 profile views
Latest Journal posted 30 Jun 2012


I have only July month to draw because after that, I will work, and my time will be very short to draw !

So, I propose you "ACEO Cards Fast Commission". Well, you paid now, and I do your ACEO before the 5th July. And I try to send it quickly at your adress too.
I never done ACEO cards before so, I accept only 4 slots, and fix the price at only 4€/5$ (included shipping and Paypal earnings). And I promise to give all of the money raised at the Animal Protection Society of my town.
If it works, maybe I will do others slots later. But it's not sure...

:bulletred: If nobody buying one before 3rd July, I will stop it of course. Fast is fast and I don't want to let a sleeping project... ^^;



J'ai seulement mon mois de juillet pour dessiner, car après ca, je vais travailler et je n'aurais que de trop court moments pour dessiner !

Donc, je vous propose des "ACEO Cartes en Commission Rapid...

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zanderbug4047 1 year ago
I have a question? And please don't take offense to this question? Why do you not like humans? I'm human an I love your artwork?! I don't hate you! Your an awesome artist!
Geno the Arctic Fox 2 years ago
Your welcome. :3
A1C havenofimage 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! I'm glad you enjoy my work.
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago
Hey I actually want to see your banner picture properly :/
OSTIC Predator 2 years ago
Your welcome Crista
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
SwifteringSwellers 2 years ago
Cool gallery
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
Thanks !
Toxic Suicune Pikachu 2 years ago
Do u have the Full Picture if your Banner?? ^^
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
You should see my gallery ;)
mugman 2 years ago
takes cherry, only fave it as i'm blocked and can't comment, i'll comment on it here it was very nice drawn very nice but he needs a friend
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
Thanks ^^
mugman 2 years ago