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As far as lives go, things are pretty normal. In college, have a pretty good life. Lots of friends. The only thing I'd change is location so I didn't feel obligated to myself stay closeted. Don't get me wrong, my friends would still love me. But it's not them I'd be worried about. But that decision would only be so I could get laid more :P species Wolf/Husky Mix
gender male
loves 3D, 69, ASB likes Aqua Sex, Badge, City tolerates 420, Androgynous, Ball Slapping hates BBW, BDSM, Babyfur
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Latest Journal posted 10 Feb 2014

Am I the only one who has very vivid flashbacks that are usually sexual? It's becoming increasingly distracting and makes it incredibly hard to focus on things like homework when my mind is (pun somewhat intended) deep elsewhere >.>

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spring87 2 months ago
Thank you for the watch!
Thekingofcrocodiles 1 year ago
Ah wub youu c:
amish doctor 1 year ago
haha! whered that come from?
Thekingofcrocodiles 1 year ago
That's a good ass question i dont have the answer to. All i know is that you're awesome c:
amish doctor 1 year ago
Why am I awesome? lol
Schiron 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch Amish :P
Schiron 2 years ago
Hey Amish Doctor,
I just noticed that Shout you posted on my profile page :P
Anywho I actually have to update my profile... another year has gone by and well his age aint right >.> and he has started wearing a watch on his right wrist :P

Also I would say somthing towards your hair color... but I can't think of anything that would sound normal >.> right now I am sleep deprived and I can only think of "yiff" at the moment v.v probably cause I am working on a sequel to my stories. (shhh... its a secret :P)

Well ttu later alright, if anything we could talk through pm's you know. If you wanna.
grune-daddy 2 years ago
Not a problem ;)
Toumal 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing your awesome stories ^_^
amish doctor 2 years ago
it's just good to know people enjoy them :D
Milo Smith 2 years ago
Thanksies for the watch:)
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago
Thanks for watch :3
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!!!!
cutelionx 2 years ago
thanks for the watch!xx