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About Aramis

About time I brought this up to date...

Hi! I'm Aramis. Since you clicked, you probably want to know something, are some things that you can know.

Furry info and scalesona:

Let's see...I do a little drawing, a little writing and a little music. Just for fun and practice. Open to collabs, trades etc. on any of them, but not too bothered.

Aramis is a veilied chameleon, which is the most awesome reptile. Sure, dragons can breathe fire and fly, but chameleons can change colour, they have an extending, sticky tongue and they can grab onto things with their tails. Dragons 2, Chameleons 3.

Aramis is slim and willowy, with long legs. His scales change colour to reflect his mood, but it's semi-voluntary, so he can fake his emotions to a degree. Too strong a mood, though, and he loses control of his colour. He might be a bit of a cross-dresser, too. Maybe.


Contact info:

I have a few things. If you want any of my contact addresses, check the contacts bar or ask me! I would so love to have a chat. Of course, you can always PM me here.

Real-life info:

Well, I'm a musician-type. I worked with and around producers for a bit, so I know my way around a mixing desk. I'm kind of a multi-instrumentalist, but not an epic master wizard on anything. I'm trying to get into drama and stuff to combine my music with, you know, soundtracks, TV, theatre...

Personality-wise, I'm, uh...changeable. Probably more than most people. I'm prone to strong moods, but none of them last long...sometimes I'm a bitter, misanthropic asshole, sometimes I can be loving and supportive, sometimes I love being alive and full of joie de vivre, sometimes I hate the world and just want to pretend I don't get the idea.

Something else you're curious about? Your thirst for knowledge about me is unquenched? Then you're weird. But send me a message anyway.

species Veiled Chameleon
gender male from United Britengland
loves Alcohol, Animated, Audio Book likes 70s, Adventure, Anubis tolerates Abuse, Angst, Chibi hates Anal vore, Birth, Breast Sex
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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2014

Hi there. Well.

Here's a story about me. Because I'm just so damn interesting.

A while back, I was having real trouble with my poop.

Ever since about 2009 or 2010, my digestive system had kinda been getting very, very slowly worse. So slowly that I didn't really notice it. I'll spare you the details (because it's poop and not everyone is German OH NO I'M SO RACIST I don't mean it, honest), but a month or so ago I decided enough was enough, something wasn't right, this couldn't be normal.

So I looked into what it could be, and I seemed to fit the symptoms of some kind of food allergy or intolerance. A bit more digging, and I actually seemed to fit the pattern for celiac disease almost perfectly. Just to make sure, I went on an everything-free diet: No gluten (includes wheat, barley, rye and most oats), no lactose, nothing with a high sugar content, no alcohol. Boring, right? Right. But after a week, stuff started happening. These are the stuff:

- My digestion cleared up complet...

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Johnnaman 1 month ago
thought you were gone forever. It's super awesome to see you again!
Aramis 1 month ago
Hurrah, it's good to not be swirling around in the ether somewhere else for no reason!

Your forum signature is amazingly awesome and it also makes me slightly kinda sad.
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Really? Whys that?
Aramis 1 month ago
Because I left it all! I stopped being there. The pathos makes me quiver.
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Well you can still post. It's not like much has changed at all.
I'll tell you what, you promise to keep posting when you can, I'll send you a pic of my face. :P
Aramis 1 month ago
As long as me knowing your face doesn't creep you out too much! I promise that anyway, though.
Johnnaman 1 month ago
Nah DJ and Xzeph have seen it already. Dj also says my voice doesn't match my face. It sounds much more masculine than I look I guess.
DJGoo 3 months ago
Aramis 3 months ago
I know, I know! Well, I think I know. I might not know, but...y'know.
DJGoo 3 months ago
You ARE alive. I just had to make sure! Did you hear my drums? It's pretty sweet.
Kotetsu 4 months ago
*Sits on and squeaks* Hai :3
Aramis 4 months ago
Ooh! *Squeezes you to see if it makes you squeak again* Hi there.
BlackwingDragon 7 months ago
*nom* Put arts of yourself on here, chameleon-face!
Aramis 7 months ago
Aaaaagh who are you!?
Foxtrot Apocalyptia 1 year ago
*scampers in and leaves cake with "please send hug quick" written in the icing and a lick mark on the side (cause damn thing looked so tasty) then scampers back off again*
mel_fluff 1 year ago
Thanks for watching <3
Foxtrot Apocalyptia 1 year ago
*boops* thanks for the fav :)
Aramis 1 year ago
Stuff looks awesome.
Sean Owen Sinclair 1 year ago
Aramis! I miss you.
Aramis 1 year ago
I'm still kicking around!
It'd help if SF actually sent me a message saying I'd been shouted, of course.
Sean Owen Sinclair 1 year ago
*Hugs* ^__^.
novastar 1 year ago
I'm so glad you posted that pic in Post Yourself. I knew you were totally hot. ~_^ *blows you a kiss*
Aramis 1 year ago
Nonsense and falsehoods!
Thunderclap Echo 1 year ago
*gets some random chick*
*pushes your face in said chick's boobs*
Aramis 1 year ago
Bleargh! I'm so sorry madam, it wan not of my own volition.

And you!
Do that again and I'll interfere with you while you sleep.
Thunderclap Echo 1 year ago
Why no awake-interference?! D:
Aramis 1 year ago
Because I can't take the risk that you'd enjoy it.
That did take me a long time to reply, didn't it? Hmm...