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About wolfboykun
I am new to this site, and i think it would be fun to post some of my drawings on here.
Mate: None
Sexuality: Gay
species Wolf
gender male
loves Anal, Anthro, Anubis likes Anatomically Correct, Assassin, Bat hates Cock Worship, Plushophilia, Strangulation
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Latest Journal posted 10 Aug 2011

Alright, in this journal i'm gonna be doing some venting, so, please, just excuse my bitchiness.

Where to begin? Well, school's about to start for me, and i dont want it to!! god, the summer feels like it just started! also, i can barely get onto this damn site due to the fact that im too much of a pussy to come out to my parents. and, my boyfriend hasnt been online in about a month now, so im getting a severe case of away-from-boyfriend-itis. its a real thing, look it up.

and i have absolutely zero inspiration for drawing! so thats why i havent been putting any more submissions on. goddamnit i need a hug TT_TT

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ArekusuWulF 2 years ago
Gracias por el watch <3
wolfboykun 2 years ago
heya ^^
Zi Garu 2 years ago