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About Beelzemon

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, N/A
Height: 10' 5" Feet
Species/Classification: Evil Digimon (sort of ironic as none of his anime incarnations are truly evil)
Destructive Capability: Mountain Level+
Damage Capacity: Level 14
Strength: Class 100
Speed: Relativistic+
Durability: Multi-City Block+ (likely higher)
Stamina: Large, never shown to tire or get winded in battle.
Intelligence: Has a lot of combat experience, usually has a fair idea of what he's doing.

My Theme song

I am beelzemon i have Light purple skin. i have blonde hair have red eyes .Also have a long Silver tail and black feathers type wings (( only have wings when i turn into my blast mode)) also wears a Dark purple mask over my face only showing half my face only my mouth and cheeks and eyes shows nothing more

I wear black leather jackit i also wear a body suit aswell that covers up my hole body i also wear black boots that come just under my knee caps with 3 spikes at the end on the top aswell wears black gloves aso wears a red scarf around my right arm also has 2 brown straps on my right leg. kinda like a biker look

Weapons Claws, 2 Shot guns, Cannon


- Dubble impact he draws his 2 shot guns that are powerful and deadly.

-Corona blaster Shot out a energy beam.or a energy ball.

- Corona Destroyer (Chaos Flare): Draws an inverted pentagram with his cannon and fires energy blasts through it creating a giant continuous beam as long he keeps firing

- Darkness Claw: Raises a claw overheard and then tears the opponent to pieces.

- Fist of the Beast King: He can used it in his blast form after absorbing Leomon

- Primal Orb: Beelzemon is able to use his attack, which conceals his enemies in inescapable bubbles

Does not own any of these pics but will remove if the artist says so

Beelzemon Blast Mode Pictures, Images and Photos Beelzemon blast mode
Beelzemon Pictures, Images and Photos What Beelzemon wears and looks like.

30888 398405108224 675688224 4092308 3299258 n (( <--- My drawing.))

Photobucket My Chibi form x3

species Digimon
gender male from England
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Hmmm I hardy come on this site. o3o
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That's, alright haha i'm good you.?
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Haha can't we all. :3
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i like all of your artwork
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Why thank you. :3
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Hey yeah have not seen you in a long time. :P Im good thank's you.?
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Awww that's cute that you are going to meet him well i hope everything goes to plan and you injoy youself with him don't do anything that i would not do ;3
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it wont go that far,i promise *giggles*
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It best not do young lady. :3
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