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About Swift_The_Doberman

Hello to all who took their precious time to check out my homepage!

I'm new to this sight, but not new to the community. I've been on FA for a while now, and before that, I think I was in teen furs. I'm a Doberman Pincer, coming at you from up here in Canada, Ontario, or down, I suppose, if you're from the Northwest Territory or something.

I love the winter, I love my dog, and I love Canada. Hell, I'm so damn patriotic, that the only way I'd be able to express my endearment for Canada further, would be if I got a tattoo on my furry ass of our National Flag!

But I think you've heard enough...

As for what I'm doing here, well, I want to get some story ideas on paper and then uploaded to the sight; that, and take a look around at what this community has to give.

On the topic of writing now, I've done so for around 10 1/2 years, so I have a little experience... therefore, I hope that the storys I put up here meets my own and your standerds as pleasure evoking, and immersing!

- Swift

species Doberman Pincer
gender male
loves BDSM, Bondage, Deep Penetration likes Anal, Balto, Bolt
7 submissions 3,161 page views 33 comments received 57 comments posted 1,514 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness

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Kashito91 2 years ago
*watches eagerly* :D
bighope 2 years ago
Thanks for the Faves!
Gladioli 2 years ago
Oh, you silly tiger. Thanks for faving. And a lot of comments. Of course.

- gives a wide yet squeezing hug.-
bighope 2 years ago
Thanks for you comments and the watch!
Staffordshire 2 years ago
Here I go!

*Unhumanly long piss* :)