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I am now open for art trades, story collabs, art collabs, and commissions. My commission prices are:
$2=line art w/shading
$3= colored w/shading

$2 extra for complexity
$3 extra for each extra character
Payment must be made in full, if interested please Note me

I am a pretty complex girl, If I like you, I am your best friend but if i don't, well, I am your worse enemy. I am just a furry who love music, art, stories and who happens to be German. I will still put out some of my art and stories for you, even till the day I die. I have also been through some changes, first of all, I used to be male, but over time my body and mental status changed to what it is now, a girl. IRL, I am still male but plan on undergoing the transgender sex reassignment surgery one day... I can be loud, direct to the point, not afraid to speak my mind, blunt as a bat to the back of the head, kind, caring, fun loving, geeky, ranting, and always looking to help someone out. If you wanna know more about me, well, you are just going to have to stick around and be my friend :3

If you guys like the pics, please leave a comment. I would really love to hear what you guys have to think :3

As of March 2013, I have been happily mated to the wonderful and talented porno artist: avatar?user=51170&character=0&clevel=0 Cheryl Latrans

Angel is my main fursona but I have others that I like to use as well. I have a Bat, Ibex, Shark, Houndoom, MLP:FiM Earth Pony, and a Rat but my Folf fusona is my main one. If you wanna know anything else about her, just follow this link: You will find out about her favorite food, kinks, dislikes, and anything else you might ever wanna know about her. Others are soon to come.
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About My Characters:
Angel is my main fursona but I have others that I like to use as well. I have a Bat fursona, skunk fursona, shark fursona, Pegasus fursona, and a rat fursona but my folf fusona is my main one. If you wanna know anything else about her, just follow this link: You will find out about her favorite food, kinks, dislikes, and anything else you might ever wanna know about her. Others are soon to come.
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Name: Angel LeFey[/b]
Species: Folf ((Wolf/fox hybrid))
Age: twenty-three
Sex: Shemale ((M2F Transgender))
Height: 5'10" ((177.80 Cm))
Weight: 115 Lb ((51 Kg))
Bust size: 36B Cup
Pant Size: Six
Tail Length: Four Feet
Body type: Slender but toned
Eye color: Black eyes with a green outer Iris with a cyan inner iris
Hair color: Pink
Hair length: Long
Tongue shape/length: Long, thin and ends in a tapered point.
Fur color(s): White, grey, black
Special Markings/Scars: One vertical scar running from her left side forehead through her eye and down to her left cheek.
Power(s): Control over fire and shadow
Appearance: Standing at a small five feet ten inches tall on semi-digitgrade legs, this folf is something else. Strange neon green solid irises are located in her eyes. the whites of them are black as sin Her ears are roughly eight inches tall like an anubian jackal's. the fur on them is grey but about 2/3 of the way up there is a white fur's band one inch thick that separates the grey fur from the black fur tips. In each ear there are three silver bar studs in each ear with silver spikes in the top and three silver hoop ear rings in the bottom of each ear. Her body shape is thin and hour glass like. Her hair on her head is straight and pink with a little curl/kink in the ends. The back is middle back length long while the front is kept parted into a semi-emover. She likes to keep her hair tied up in a messy pony tail with a green silk ribbon tied in a bow when alone. Her fangs are sharp and her top k-9 teeth are slightly longer in a semi-vampire way. Around her neck and down the middle of her chest is a poof of fur like that of a Renamons'. Her breasts are perky and fills a size 36C cup bra. Her hips widen out a slight bit to complete her hour glass figure with a subtle but full matching butt. Angel's tail is four feet long and starts out like a wolf's tail but blooms out like a fox's tail. Her fur is mostly grey but down the center of her throat, chest, belly, insides of her thighs, along the under side of her tail is white fur. The poof is grey as well. The white also goes up and makes a cute heart on her rear. On her arms the fur is grey but on her elbows is a white ring of fur the separates the rest of her arms and paws that is black furred. The fur on her legs is the same way. Her legs are semi-digitgrade, meaning they are like human legs but she walks around on the pads of her feet like a feral but other then that there is only one knee joint. On the middle finger of her left hand is a small rectangle silver ring with a blue rectangle stone in it. Her tail has a white under side but the top is grey and like a fox, she has a pink ring of fur at the end with a black furred tip. Her Nipples are black and so is her lady parts. Her nipples are pierced with small squared bull nose rings that are silver in color.
[color=red]Background((Biography)):[/color] She in life used to be male but because of social restraints and because of her own family, she was forced to be the perfect boy. Well, because of his restraints, a deep anger soon grew in his heart and grew with each passing year as he had to endure the daily ridicule, verbal and physical abuse from his hypocritical lesbian mother. It wasn't will after graduating high school in just three years that he finally came out and told his family the truth. Well, up till then his family was fractured and when he came out as a transgender, it broke the family, a fight broke out, and he was banished from the family. It was not till the next day while riding the bus some punk who had been a bully to him for years made one last verbal insult and that was when all that anger was suddenly released in one explosive go. The bully had his face stomped in and part of his tongue was bit off, he had several broken ribs, a broken wrist and a broken leg, three others one a rent-a-cop, were hurt as well. Hard to believe that a skinny 95 pound boy could unleash such wrath but he was a third degree purple belt in karate, an orange belt in kick-boxing, and was deadly at submission moves. Well, naturally he has two choices to go to jail or to serve his country. He chooses to serve his country. He was sent to America after basic training in the air force. It was there after a fight with a fellow soldier, and a secret lover named Theo, that once again, that rage exploded again, this time no-one got hurt because he was neutralized and locked up. Unknown to him was a physiologist and genetic scientist, both USA secret services. They met with the rage fueled folf and after a few experiments and a few times of them triggering his rage made, they found that his genetics allowed his brain to turn off its natural limiters and allowed him access to five times his normal strength, 5 times faster reaction times, everything about his body became five times the normal, but it had a major drawback. He could not maintain his rage mode for two reasons, one of them is that his body used up oxygen at five times the normal, meaning his body could not keep up and would kick the limiter back on before he would die of lack of air. The other reason was if he was able to maintain it, his heart would explode because of over use. Well, they took the soldier with them and placed him in a secret testing group. There, they gave the group of thirteen shots that would make them into super soldiers. What none of them knew was the drugs would indeed make them super, but at a cost. All of them lost their human bodies, some even died. The boy died but he lost more then his life, he lost his human body, and lost his gender. Only seven of the soldiers remained, each of them different anthropomorphic creatures. He became what you see here: and here:

species Folf, Bat, Rat, Ibex, Pony, Houndoom, Raptor
gender female from Hell, Rings of Hell
loves Action, Adult, Adventure likes 3D, 69, Abduction tolerates 70s, 8-bit, 80s hates ACEO, ASB, Abra
214 submissions 54,589 page views 1,668 comments received 2,968 comments posted 8,516 profile views
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Holy bat nipples on a flying monkey Batman!! I just too a look at my stats and I have reached over 8,340+ page views and I have a grand total of 130 watchers!

I just want to take a moment and thank all of you who have followed me on this great and long journey. Who new back in 2011 I would be where I am now and have the connections that I do now? Im a talented but growing artist, I am mated with the greatest woman ever, Im a SF Ambassador, and I am a writer. So much has happened in my life these past three years, but it is because of each and every single one of you, the people who comment, fave, vote, and watch me. So thank you and here is to much more success in the future!

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Wolffrost 1 month ago
you're very welcome ^^
Angel LeFey 1 month ago
Just so you know, this is not like FA, our site allows you to reply to comments in shout boxes.

But outside of that I do hope you like the next piece I am going to be uploading here in a few minutes.
Wolffrost 1 month ago
I know that x3 been here since 2010 lol and looking forward to it :3
hooves 1 month ago
Oh what that you I fav-ed Heheh

But seriously well done sweety
dblawso 2 months ago
your welcome
little foxxie hugs ur tail
Angel LeFey 2 months ago
*my tail open's it's mouth and starts to nom on your head* Should have warned you about that....
dblawso 2 months ago
little foxxie runs away
Angel LeFey 2 months ago
Run as fast you can little boy... because there is nowhere you can hide >:3
dblawso 2 months ago
little foxxie crys i was only trying to be nice cuz i am a 13inch tall little foxxie very very small
Angel LeFey 2 months ago
AH! You is so CUTE! I is sowwy, come here and let me make it all up to you you widdle cutey. :3
dblawso 2 months ago
little foxxie sits and holds his little tail
laserslutboy 2 months ago
Your welcome cheryls girlfriend :)
Angel LeFey 2 months ago
Please call me Angel... or Mistress. Which ever you prefer you slutty femboy you :3
laserslutboy 2 months ago
Hmmm mistress sounds sexy
ScruffyTheFox 2 months ago
Msg me, i might want to work out a commission ^^
Trociniak 2 months ago
My pleasure 8]
zero2010 3 months ago
It has been a long time...did you miss me at all?
Angel LeFey 3 months ago
I had actually thought you had left. I have not seen you in the forums in a long while.
Annawolfdragon 3 months ago
Thanks for the fave and vote :3
red tygon 3 months ago
Happy new Year Angel, Hope it woill be a good year for you? ^.^
Johnnaman 3 months ago
Merry Christmas! Sorry it's been a while. ^^;
Angel LeFey 3 months ago
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well. Hope 2014 turns out to be a great year for you :3