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Hello! ^.^

I'll go by the name of Tyler, I'm a 16 year old red fox who loves to write.

I'm Irish and currently in love with my boyfriend who also happens to be a furry writer :P You can find him on this under the name of HuskyWolf Southpaw ^^ <3

If you want to know more just ask, I don't bite ;)

species Fox
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 29 Feb 2012

Hey :)

I'm finally starting to get back into the routine of writing semi-regularly! I know it's not that often I update but I don't have much free time unfortunatly. 

I need to know something though, I feel like I'm going backwards for some reason. Is my writing getting worse since my first upload? Or am I imagining it? I really need to know so I can fix it :)

So PLEASE tell me if it is, I won't take it badly or anything lol xD

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Tristan Black Wolf 1 year ago
My thanks for the watch! I'll try to keep providing "good reads." Oh, and if I don't get around to commenting on your work once in a while, remind me, eh? I like to keep an eye on what other folks are writing. ^_^
OllyBombay 1 year ago
Thanks for watching! I'll return the favor.
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago
Loooovvveee yooouu ;)
CloudFurry 2 years ago
I enjoy all of your stories bro
Tykotylerf 2 years ago
I'm a gay fox named Tyler too, that's awesome.
FoxyShoes 2 years ago
Nice lol =D
spectra 2 years ago
cute stories :)
FoxyShoes 2 years ago
Thanks :)
spectra 2 years ago
no problem
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago
love ya <3
Milo Smith 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the watch!:)
Zam Ogan 2 years ago
I like your stories and you seem pretty cool so I'm gonna watch you =) sorry I'm not the type to comment on something but every once in a while I do
zeck 2 years ago
i like your story's i cryed reading jordan