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About Me

Please refer to me with Male Pronouns !

Sup, They call me Giga or a plethora of other names. Like Giga no get off that couch ! Down boy Down ! No they don't haha i'm joking but you get the idea. I love 80s rock n Roll and my favorite book is the Outsiders

I've been doing Digital art for over 7 years now and i'm always improving and looking for a new challenge. I tend to be rather timid but I do love to make new friends and do fun things. I have an unusual sense of humor and a laugh of an evil vilian or a yena.

I love eating good food and tend to be quite a lil critic of things. I'm super picky to and I just adore eating tacos from Taco bell. Though I must say nothing beats actual real Mexican food (Disclaimer: Taco bell is not real Mexican food. When I say Mexican food I mean real Mexican food)

I have quite a few characters and several fandoms i'm into. Though i'm usually pretty quiet. I plan to go to college to get a zoology degree and take online courses to build an amazing art portfolio and learn to animate !

I'm interested in learning how to make digital music as well and i'll be practicing that very soon.

Currently I spend most of my time being sick, sleeping, or playing video games. When i'm not doing those i'm drawing or eating !

My current goal is to drop 180lbs and learn to dance and ride an actual bike (Because bikes are scary and I need to learn to ride on to prove something to my self. )

I also hope to drive soon as well !

Notes: I work as a secretary for thebluevibravaNurseTiger

species Turbeast
gender male from USA
loves Dragon, Lycanthrope, Mammal hates Cub porn, infant
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I finally sat down and made a price sheet ! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hsQgsG06VFDrHp0OQg9zTSRL0ESo4mAjYzrnNNsNcGY/edit# its also linked on my profile now as well ! 


zanian 3 days ago
thank you kindly for the fave and the vote on my photo ^^
MeissnerMuttKillzone 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the fave and the vote, very much appreciated! =P Would you like to see any other Sonic characters in a semi-realistic style or...?
Taz Amuro 3 months ago
Thank you so much my dear for the favorites and the votes! :D
JEHOVAH bless you a lot! <3
CorbiereTheFerret 4 months ago
-pokes u with paw an watches chu- ^~^ dook dook!
HVC333 4 months ago
thank you for the fav and vote, means alot C:
King Gigabyte 4 months ago
That puts a big grin on my face c:
CorbiereTheFerret 4 months ago
Add me if you like! -dooks-
King Gigabyte 4 months ago
Eeeee ferret noises !
SlippingStar 5 months ago
Thanks for the watch and vote~ <3
Baalthazaar 5 months ago
Oh hey! Thankyou :D your officially the first person to fav anything I've submitted! I really appreciate it
King Gigabyte 5 months ago
Well it's really lovely. I like your style
panicYoYo 5 months ago
omg thanks for the watch, faves and votes *hug*
SlippingStar 5 months ago
Thanks for the fav and vote~