About Shock/Rice
Well, where do I start?

Well, I'm a ferret and dragon hybrid (don't ask about my parents, i don't know my mother and my father is a dragon). I look like any ferret, with my usual blue hoodie, black t shirt, and cargo pants, but i wear those to keep my body temperature normal, seeing as though i'm cold-blooded.

Another note about my dragon side is that i have an 18' wingspan and that, while i look 19, i'm way older than most, living for so long that i lost count.

well, i'm very friendly, saying "hi" to just about anyone. but, if you're a dick to me, i'll treat you the same way. fair's fair. i also like to help people out, so if you have a problem, don't hesitate to call upon me.

I like music enough that I'm planning on being a DJ, in hopes of spreading the joy I feel when listening to music to others and inspire others to make music. Don't worry, I'll post my music when I can... hopefully.

In other news, I read tons of books. Reading books for many years taught me enough about how to create a certain flow for the reader, instead of skipping from scene to scene. Hope you'll appreciate it.

Don't worry, I'll also make sure that I'll proofread all my works before posting in order to not have any misspellings or other unsightly things.

Wish me luck!!!

PS: If any of you wish to contact me, let me know in any way you can. Since I'm so social, I'll be happy to talk to anyone.
species Ferret/Dragon Hybrid (whisper friendly)
gender male from Forney, Texas, United States
loves 69, 8-bit, Adventure likes Anal, Bisexual, Charizard hates Death, Vore (soft)
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Latest Journal posted 08 Dec 2011

Just like the title says: I AIN'T DEAD YET!!

If people were wondering "What the hell have you been, man?!! Where's the new stories?!!" well, patience people. I'm writing something for someone i met in chat.

And, in case you were wondering, the reason I haven't wrote anything for some time were two reasons:

1) FREAKIN' CHAT, MAN!!! It'll steal your soul!!

2) Wasn't feeling up for it, mostly. Sorry, but that's the way it was at the time. But, with this new commission from someone, I think I'll be back in the writing game soon. 

Now, to just balance chat (whenever the new upgrade will appear) and writing, I think I should be good. (Plus, RL shit. UGH!!)

I have grown used to life here in Texas. Despite the chilly winters and blistering summers, it's pretty good here. If any furrys are around the Dallas area, PLEASE hit me up!!! So lonely....

Well, anyways, better cut this off before I start to ramble on and on and on.... 

Just be on th...

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Dami 5 months ago
Muahahahaa. I have claimed you as boyfriend!
Shock/Rice 5 months ago
And I'm happy with that.
Asyria 8 months ago
Shock/Rice 8 months ago
Dean Shaw 8 months ago
*gives some instant noodles* "Just see this as a friendly offer."
Shock/Rice 8 months ago
*eats said noodles, slurping loudly* Thanks!
Dean Shaw 8 months ago
"No, problem! It's nice to know that it tastes good!" ^^
AlexeloVicSorra 1 year ago
I love your art and style! ^^
Melody Ziedrich 1 year ago
Hey there~. Sorry I didn't see you poking me (on time) earlier. Send me a message sometime!
Nice pics
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
purplepardus 1 year ago
Hey hey doing your prize soon would you want a sketch or a icon?
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
a sketch would be awesome! just what would go into a sketch, if i may ask?
purplepardus 1 year ago
Ill just draw a pose and flat color it pretty much. Its nothing huge.
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
Cool! got a pose in mind?
purplepardus 1 year ago
LaurieBloo 1 year ago
Hello mister hybrid! x3 I hereby leave this shout in your box of shouting, yush.~ o3o
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
Well thank you for shouting in my box of shouting. I shall proceed to go to your box of shouting and shout loudly and proudly in said box of shouting. Yes, that's what I'll do.
LaurieBloo 1 year ago
Hooray!~ o3o
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
RioSpark 1 year ago
*sips tea*
Shock/Rice 1 year ago
*does the same in a monocle and top hat* quite
RioSpark 1 year ago
Fabulous~! ^3^