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About Bomani
Im just your normal Catboy... With a lil difference... Im only 4'5". But dont let that discourge you from being playful with me. Im a fun kitty =^-^=

A Little about myself... I was a Stray since I was a wee newborn, so I know the tricks of the street. It was only recently I was taken off the streets int oa good home.

Big Sister: Linda Wright



Miss Misty
Yuina Kaneko (Makes good Chili ^^)

Want to do a Commission of me? Just ask ^^

Special Ability: He doesnt know how, or when it happened, but he can alter his body to a more Demonic form at will. In this form, his Cock is like an actual Cats cock, thanks to a potion he recently drank.


1X Sex Change Potion (Temporary) - Mari cherokee
1 I.O.U.T.R. - Wrath of Nature
species Catboy
gender male
loves Angel, Bondage, Cat likes Abduction, Action, Alien tolerates Anaconda, catguy
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jackson77 10 months ago
Bomani 10 months ago
Hai :3
Tiger37 1 year ago
Hi from Spirit Claw.
Bomani 1 year ago
Hai from Bomani :)
BlazikensHOT 1 year ago
Nice bio. Mine is just bullet points of random information.
TerdBurgler 4 years ago
Hey, thanks a lot for watchin' me!
Bomani 4 years ago
No Problem ^^ I love your Work ^^