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species Umbreon
gender male
loves Bass, Deep Throat, Doggystyle likes Food, Gay Pride, Stretching tolerates Pain, beer hates Blackmail, Death, Forced sex
18 submissions 8,147 page views 84 comments received 112 comments posted 3,781 profile views
groups   Furry High School
  Pokemon: Au Naturel

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Frank Foxx 1 year ago
you know what happened to schande?
Gone1 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch, Jose :3
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
You're welcome ^-^
-Razor- 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch and all the positive feedback :D
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago
hey, thanks for the watch ^.^
Mercury_WF 2 years ago
Gone1 2 years ago
Y u so funny.
Ricter 2 years ago
thank you very much for giving me a fav and stars ^.^ I also draw for free as well X3
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Hey, you're welcome! And oh? Free :3? Guess I might request you sometime c;
darkswetos 2 years ago
Yes I am
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Ah okay.... Just checking~
darkswetos 2 years ago
May I ask why
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Sure...well I felt like randomly looking through profiles and came upon yours. It looked as if you weren't on the site still and your an umbreon! but eh...I'm wrong ^^ Sorry to bother..
darkswetos 2 years ago
Sandlava 2 years ago
You seem like a nice guy~ Fancy chatting sometime?
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Sure! :3
Sal the Buizel 2 years ago
Thanks for all the positive feedback :D
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Your welcome <3 I love that story series of yours~
DarkUmbreon99 2 years ago
Hello Jose~

I honestly hope that you're doing well. I think we should chat sometime...
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Hey ,Hope your doing well too and sorry for being a little late ^^' I sent you a message and then I noticed this shout hehe well we will be chatting ~