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species Dragline
gender male from Lodge, SC, USA
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Canine likes Babyfur tolerates Anime, Incomplete, boobs
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by jmac32here    16 hours ago    
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In the End
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Heart Breaker
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Latest Journal posted 03 Apr 2014
True Love...

You ever get that feeling that you done fucked up so much that even you wouldn't forgive yourself?
I know I do...

I screwed up with what I believe was the truest love I have ever had in my life, by not understanding him.
By not granting him his wishes and desires.
By not supporting him and tending to his needs.

He wanted someone with me, he wanted to be with both of us.
I couldn't grasp that it was an addition, not a loss.
So I caused a lot of drama and problems.

I was truly happy with him

Now I am with another, who is getting more and more of my love each day.
But I still want to be with "the one"

In that, I feel me moving on so soon was a grave mistake.
I am still attached, and wish to give my love to my one.

It had even left me wondering if it would truly work out with the one I am with now or not,
even considering his openness to being with me and the one.

The good ...

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