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Commissions artist. 


email me at purple_pardus@hotmail.com for a qoute or inquirery

species Bovine
gender female
loves Bondage, Breasts, Charr likes hyper tolerates Gay hates Anal, Buttsex, Rimming
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69 USD per character

simple outfit is free, complex stuff may have a extra charge, no more then 30

 (with 30 being complex armor)

Preferably with no Backgrounds, but a simple background may be added for a charge of 20. 

SFW-NSFW allowed


email me at purple_pardus@hotmail.com

if you hear back from me in 24 hours your approved, 

if you DONT hear back from me, your not approved




paypal email

these commissions will be done the next few days. 

payment will be due the day before i start.

the base price includes the service fee, extras do not anything extra will have 15% service fee added on 

(this fee is added so i can pay taxes at the end of the year, i pay close to 5000 yearly for my taxes the fe...

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Reii the Pegasus 1 month ago
Oooh Grimtotem shammy. Hope you are one of the nice ones!
purplepardus 1 month ago
I dont play a grimtotem shammy xD that was a commission i play a hunter pally and druid with my druid beig my main character
Harrar SwiftFang 1 month ago
So much art to see... too much.. it all looks great!
EXos 1 month ago
Very nice art. :D
ilbv 1 month ago
Your work is very great! Thanks for what you do
purplepardus 1 month ago
Thank you for enjoying it ^^
Orion487 1 month ago
purplepardus 1 month ago
DarkSoulsSauron 2 months ago
hey, i loooove what you do with your eggs. i think it's a cool idea and hopefully i'll have teh cash one day to buy one
purplepardus 2 months ago
thank you ^^ im glad you like them they are always a nice break from commissions ^^
DarkSoulsSauron 2 months ago
i wish i could get my head wrapped around digital art. DA demos just can't get me to where i wanna be. also, furry muzzles are the devil
LordWolfie 2 months ago
purplepardus 2 months ago
<3 <3
Angel LeFey 3 months ago
wow, simply wow. Your art is just amazing in it's skill.
Lucien Harann Aylen 3 months ago
I love your stuff Purple! I must get a couple wow commissions from you when you are open! Keep up the awesome work!
Fizzy 4 months ago
sooooo i like your egg adoptables O_O how much?!?!?!
purplepardus 4 months ago
alll the info is in the description ^^ https://www.sofurry.com/view/628341