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Most people like to put what their fursona is here, but to be honest I don't really have one (due to me being very indecisive), however if I had to think of something right on the spot it would probably be a raccoon. In real life I'm a 20 year old college student who likes to write, run, scuba dive, among other various activities that are to be expected out of any college student. I believe I'm a fairly competent writer, but I'm not conceited enough to say I don't have anything to learn. I enjoy writing both smut-like stories and "actual" plot developmental stories. Although I do not like to mix the two; for some reason I can never write a full on sex scene in a story unless it is a romance. So, that about sums it up.

species If I had to choose one... Probably a raccoon.
gender male from San Diego, United States
loves 69, Afghan hound, Akita likes Abuse, Albino, Anal tolerates 420, Amphibian, Anaconda hates Babyfur, Bee, Male Pregnancy
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Latest Journal posted 26 Dec 2012

If you have been reading my stuff you may find some mistakes in the writing and grammar and if you haven't, I have. So, to help ward off this sloppiness and stop my chapters from becoming even more spaced out, I am hoping to find a person who is willing to be an editor for my work. Honestly, all I need is someone to read my work over with an eye for grammar mistakes. Simple as that. However, if the person volunteering happens to want to become more involved with the creative process and where the story is headed (as in becoming privy to plot developments and such.) then I would most definitely welcome it. Along with looking for grammar mistakes, I only ask that this be done "fairly" quickly. Of course I will not be pushy in the least. I may just simply keep bugging you with "So... how's that chapter coming...?" messages. I'm pretty passive-aggressive that way.

So yeah that about sums THAT up. PM me or whatever if your interested in editing and I'll try to work out a coherent system. If not, th...

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Glad you're enjoying Cold Blood and I, Dacien!

Onyx Tao
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Me neither ;P. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. You have me looking forward to your next installation... fairly patiently.
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