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My beautiful, puppy dog: HI! My name is Traska (AKA John), nice to meet you. Don't be shy to message me, I don't mind. I don't bite... hard.... enough.... to draw blood...... wink.

I'm a "quirky"/"boring" tiger that isn't afraid of anything. If your pleasure it to know what my fur is I'll tell you.

Traska is obviously a tiger; standing at 6 foot 1 inches and weighs about, and between, (and aprox.) 174lbs (or 79kg) and 180lbs (or 82kg). Not a very lean tiger, yet not fat either, but rather than an in-between, also not average, I think. It's complicated.

He has no head hair, contrary to what the images you see, besides the orange, black, and white fur. Blue, beautiful eyes, all the more to gaze at you and decide whether or not you're a friend/enemy/food/mate. He has a silver, stud earring at the top of his left ear and a two necklaces. A handmade necklace that is close to the neck, but not close enough to be too tight, yet not too loose, and that has Ajax (or Traska) at the front and flanked by Nico on the right and John on the left. Beads and stones border, and separate, the names. The second necklace is a silver, small chain, necklace with a quarter note, music note, as a pendant (given by my cute, lovely mate) that hangs just bellow the handmade necklace.

Other than that yeah, hope you enjoy whatever I put on here by my collie and I, or just me. Depending.

species Anthro Bengal Tiger
gender male from Lompoc, California, United States
loves 80s, Anthro, Arctic Fox 28 submissions 3 roleplay characters 20,180 page views 169 comments received 188 comments posted 7,892 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 01 Jul 2013

Because meow. 


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Maxie 1 year ago
Hey there*waves*
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Umm thanks for the fave and watch? You do realise that I'm your ex-mate's brother...
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Tiger pride! Woo!
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