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About Ovamiat Hyperscale-Dracovitch
species dragon goddess of sexuality/shark bait
gender female
loves 80s, Abra, Alien likes 70s, Akita, Amphibian tolerates B-snakes, Badger, Bandicoot hates BBW, Babyfur, Chubby
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Latest Journal posted 30 May 2010

If you can give me proof that you can sing at a higher falsetto than at any point in this song:


I will give you a cameo in an upcoming story to be written by one of my friends.


scarletfurry223 7 months ago
Do you rp?
raithian 8 months ago
Hmm havent seen you around in ages
Gareth Gryphonclaw 2 years ago
Oh, thank you for joining the Multi-Orgasmic Group! A beautiful Dragoness makes everything hotter, breath-attack permitting!
Talo 2 years ago
hey! thanks for joining my group! where are you in michigan? im by baycity
Alathazar Sajuuk 3 years ago
Hmm... random watches are nice I suppose. :D
Haston 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch. Can I just ask why you decided to watch me? :)
olin the plant 3 years ago
that's what i want to know...
Guinevere Darling 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch! :)
Ashram 3 years ago
Anyone even come here anymore?
I admit there was a problem in mid-October where I was confused about my password... which is totally not like me.
Lyn Chakitty 3 years ago
*Grins and puts down on your bed a large box and inside the box would be 30 different tentacle monsters just waiting to pleasure you and serve you* >=3 nya nya
Deathwing 3 years ago