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About Tiran
by the by i am:
White long furred wolf with blue eyes.
Name: Tiran (Tea-Rahn)
Height: 7'6''
Weight: 276
Build: lean looking with a well toned
Profession: Necromancer- for many many years he has practiced this dark art and through it he has gained knowlege that some would scarcley believe to be true. do not take his appearance lightly he is and has been a very powerfull being however he is a very nice person and rarely uses his powers unless needed.

body Clothing: a deathly white cloak surrounds his body and hides most of his features, however if one has a chance to see him out of the cloak, he wears a Blue Vest with white stitching that fits him snugly and a pair of matching blue baggy pants that hide his lower extremeties. he also sometimes wears a set of cut gloves that expose his finger tips. and across his left arm is a plain silver band that binds to him. he now also wears a pair of thin rimmed glasses.
a small metallic bracelet is on his left arm.

mates and such: none

Preferences: pansexual...hes a sucker for dragons and other scalies... i am Subby with males however with females i am more dominant.
species Wolf
gender male hates age play
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Zeal the Lycan 3 years ago
Hope we get to meet soon. ;)
Tiran 3 years ago
*enjoys this virginity mauling!!* lol thanks :P
Lunin wulf 3 years ago
pops your shoutbox virginity with no mercy