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Cotumverse CYOA story Part 1
by Catprog    2 years ago    

Pondification 11 months ago
Quick question! Do you want me to just paste future updates directly onto your website? I was waiting for you to respond to the one I posted here, and got a bit sidetracked in the meanwhile, but I'm back to working on it now (I can show you a screencap of my paypal to show I haven't, and won't, spend the money from the commission until all parts are completed!)
Catprog 11 months ago
Yeah posting straight to the site would be easier on me.
Pondification 10 months ago
Sorry to bother you again, but I'm not sure where else to contact you! I'm taking the week off from my other priorities to hopefully fully finish your commission because I feel I've made you wait long enough! Do you want me to just post directly on the link you sent me (replacing what was there)?
Catprog 10 months ago
Posting on the form adds new pages not replaces them. But yes to the question.
Darkness Rising 11 months ago
Hey Catprog!
I recently read the commission you had Amethyst Mare do, the one called "Game Show." I was wondering if i could use a similar character like the unicorn for one of my stories.
Catprog 11 months ago
What did you have in mind?
Darkness Rising 11 months ago
Actually several ideas. One a gender bender tf story, another is in a book I am writing and maybe a character idea for the current erotic novel I am writing that is on my page at sofurry
Catprog 11 months ago
Well the character in question was described as human turned unicorn. Go ahead. (also if you want to check out my website)
Iscin 2 years ago
Wrapping up your commission this week. Sorry for the delay.
Iscin 2 years ago
I emailed you an update, do you have any input for me?