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About Joshuastrive

Its really Me im back And better than ever.
Im 18 AT LAST!
I need to get someone to do my profile Probably steffywolf :D HEHE
I luv chuu steffy

Fuck. You. Fuck. You. Fuck. you. Im out.

Lets not forget our loyal pet bighopes he is an amazing Writer go ahead and check him out!

My fursonas are as follow!

Joshua Strive
Arctic WhiteWolf
Age: 17
Hight: 5ft 11In
And... ugh ill need a reference sheet.... >_>
Jethro Stive
Age: 8 (Cub)
Hight:4 ft 2in
I need a reference sheet tooo...

Draft Horse
Age: 19
Hight: 6Ft tall
I really need a reference sheet tooo!
Alex Leon
Albino Lion
Hight: 5ft 4in
Savannah Lion.

needs a refrence sheet


Baxley Cobb.
Eastern Dragon.

Age: 18

Hight: 5Ft 3In.

Male white and blue scaled eastern dragon with his antlers missing.(he sands then down)

species Arctic white wolf
gender male from miami, United States
loves Albino, Angel, Anthro likes Akita, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf tolerates Alligator, Anaconda, Anatomically Correct hates Bat, Cacomistle, Catgirl
15 submissions 7,377 page views 59 comments received 76 comments posted 12,753 profile views
groups   Male Incest
  Wolf Furries

Latest Journal posted 19 Jul 2012

Today i recived a package From my cousin my mom walks  inside  from work holding the package inside the package was a personal toy that was bought for me.. well my mom flipped cause i would not  open the package..... >_> i threw the package out the balcony and then she ran to get it i beat her to the package and then i raced upstairs and opened it and switched it for a book..... >_> she did not beleave me..... but still that goes to show yall the little privacy i have in my house....then she blamed it all on me

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Long time no talk, josh. Where ya been?
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