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Don't know what to put for my bio. I'm lazy, have not much of a life...Makes me glad that I decided to join the Navy. Leaving near June 2014, going in to become an engineer. But thats future plans.

As for now...Just a lone man waiting until the next job is over.

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Latest Journal posted 18 Apr 2014

I need to know about getting my own pair of custom made headphones. I'm not talking about simply going somewhere and choosing a case, choosing the material in the ear muffs, I'm talking about literally getting a completely original pair of headphones that I would have to go to some guy or gal willing to craft a plastic item for charge or no charge.

Ideas? Known places? Directions?

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SHIPPO 1 year ago
Perhaps you have seen me on Furaffinity or Inkbunny as I post stuff in all three sites
MirthfulVoodoo 1 year ago
For some reason it's not lettin me reply in pms to you so yeah
Nocturnal Lupus 2 years ago
Sorry, SF's being derpy and I accidentally deleted your PM. =/ Anyway, I didn't see any pics in that thread you linked to ...
Seventh Architect 2 years ago
well damn. Oh well, I'll just give you another link to this sight here, if it works that way.
Lawd Desidas 2 years ago
On what.
Seventh Architect 2 years ago
the subject and current mood.
Lawd Desidas 2 years ago
Hey, wanna chat sometime?
Seventh Architect 2 years ago