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About xxshifterwolfxx

 Just a few little things about me..

I am a furry.

I am taken by my wonderful mate in real life and I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in roleplay, unless it's just playful among friends.

I am a Culinarian! If you have questions about herbs, ingredients, food, pairing (wine, flavors, etc.) or pretty much ANYTHING about food, let me know! I love food, I love wine, Hell, I love anything with flavor! :) You wouldn't be bothering me at all to ask!

I am a coloradofurs!

I love animals of all kinds!

I love art!! And I love learning! I'm really excited to get some commissions, requests, trades, collaborations done with some people! Expanding my horizons is a huge goal for me! Put my skills to the test!

I love people and I welcome you to chat with me on any of my messengers, on Second Life, or even here! If you send me a note, I'll reply! I don't bite too hard! :)

*****TRADES ARE OPEN!!*****

Pricing is as follows:

Traditional ($5) + One Character ($1) + One Page ($1) = $7
Ink ($7) + One Character ($1) + One Page ($1) = $9
Color - Crayon/Marker ($10) + One Character ($1) + One Page ($1) = $12
Additional characters and pages are $1 per!
Contact me if you wish to commission something more than 4 pages!


ALL proceeds are going toward my continuation of living in this apartment with a roof over my head! :) And hopefully a few luxuries! Just being honest!

Send me a message with additional questions or references to be used for a commission!


If you're interested in a trade, please send information to my inbox as well!


I will draw anything once! My favorites include vore, thick girls, size-difference, smut, bondage and just about anything and everything else!


Try me!

  Tips are so greatly appreciated and help motivate me~


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gender hermaphrodite
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Latest Journal posted 04 Aug 2012

*oceanotter- 50% done PAID So, we're going to be moving in mid/early September and the extra funds for a moving van and deposit on our new place are in dire need!!

If you would like to help me out by commissioning me, please send me a note and we'll get it set up! If you feel so inclined, I'd be thrilled to receive donations as well! If you can't do either, please just pimp this journal as much as you can! I'm really gettin' desperate here >_<!

Thanks everyone!
TenebraeIf you have questions or comments... Please leave one at this page and I'll get back to you :D!
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