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About Razgriz1032

Name: Razgriz (Roz-greez) Draterra
Age: 20 (real: 19)
Sex: Male (real: Male)
Orientation: Striaght (real: Straight)

SO! Hello, welcome. I am mainly a writer and I have written a couple books, but I'm not releasing any too many details on them. I'm into Sci-Fi stuff so I write Sci-Fi, but the series that I am writing is directed away from the technobabble and focuses more on the story and characters. It's got all of the stuff that everyone loves: Conflict, conspiracy, violence, a little bit of technobabble, great characters, romance, and the other thing that goes with romance :P

I like to play FPS games (God no, not Call of Duty) and I am probably the best damn pilot in Battlefield 3, PC and Xbox 360. Haven't met a guy that keep me down.

I like music from games. I know a lot of people think that's weird, but they actually miss out on a TON of good stuff. A lot better than some of our popular music "artists" today.

I also like flying, I used to fly real airplanes like a Cessna 172. I like military stuff, especially the Air Force, and I could ramble on about a lot of things military.

My favorite weapon is the P90. My dream pistol is the P99. I have a fantasy dream pistol that I want to make. I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer to make that fantasy pistol come true among other fantastic ideas that I have.

Other likes:
Engineering class in college
Solving puzzles
Shooting and hunting
Talking with friends
Local furmeets in Arizona 

Additional useless info:
You're probably not going to meet a more tolerant and strong willed guy like me. I care for my friends, especially the ones whom I trust the most. Trust and honesty is a big part of my life. I place a lot of trust in my friends, but no matter what, if someone breaks my trust so severely, they lose all of it and I could care less about them. I believe in doing what is right, and what's right is what doesn't harm other people. Doesn't have to help them either. I also believe in not getting into other people's business unless they are threatened somehow or ask for help. 

A little about my fursona and "furry initiation." My friend Ronin first got into furries and he talked to me a little about them. I started taking those "what's my fursona quizzes" and they kept coming up either dragon or wolf. Before I got involved in the fandom, I felt that my fursona needed a backstory as to how he "came into the world." I already had a human character that reflected me named Zero who was the leader of the galaxy's premiere military force and I figured that I would fling him into the furry world and transform him into a dragon where he would find love and have to fight humans and his rival Space Pirates from his old reality without the help of his military and technology. So Zero became Razgriz. Throughout the story, I made connections between my actual interests to that of dragons are interested in. For example, we both like caves and flying and I spontaneously realized that after I had written parts about caves and flying. This whole story that I have has also changed me in a big way. I am more independent, tolerant, and decisive. I've also been getting in touch with a little bit of my dragon side ;) Life would be SO MUCH cooler if I was a dragon. I'd bet that everyone wishes that they were their character too. I believe that I myself have two of the best traits of both of my characters. I have Razgriz's compassion and ferocity and Zero's tactical genius and decisiveness. I'm very happy with myself. :)

Random-a$$ chat converstations
-After being approached by a macro white dragon on SL-
[15:14] Razgriz (razgriz1032): GIANT
[15:15] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): hello
[15:15] Razgriz (razgriz1032): Hi
[15:15] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): how are you
[15:15] Razgriz (razgriz1032): Good
[15:15] Razgriz (razgriz1032): This is my first time in this place
[15:16] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): hehehe
[15:16] Razgriz (razgriz1032): I had a hankering to visit at least one time
[15:16] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): thats good
[15:16] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): you look cute
[15:17] Razgriz (razgriz1032): I'm not cute, I'm badass! T.T
[15:17] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): oh
[15:17] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): my bad
[15:17] Razgriz (razgriz1032): :P
[15:17] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4) slaps his face...
[15:17] Razgriz (razgriz1032): lol
[15:17] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): but still you look cute when your small
[15:18] Razgriz (razgriz1032): I'm not small, I'm just vertically challenged :P
[15:19] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): o.o!
[15:19] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): btw i saw you flying around
[15:19] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): and i thought it was a fly again
[15:19] Razgriz (razgriz1032): lol
[15:19] Razgriz (razgriz1032): Do you get a lot of red and green flies?
[15:20] Toothless Eternal (darkfox4): well not exactly 

species Dragon
gender male
loves 70s, 80s, Action likes Ambient, Anatomically Correct, Asian tolerates 8-bit, Audio Book, Choral hates Alternative, Alternative Spiritual, Bluegrass
8 submissions 13,845 page views 21 comments received 41 comments posted 4,093 profile views
groups   Dragon's Lair

Latest Journal posted 04 Dec 2012

Sorry everyone for the sudden deletion of my story. It's crap quality and I am in the process of refining it. I also have bigger plans for it instead. MUCH bigger. MUCH better.


And I have practically migrated over to FA anyway.

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