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Phantomgraph Phan'tom-gr[.a]f

1) The Nom de Plume (pen name) of a certain odd anthro artist that specializes in Dragons, science fiction and confusing the crap out of everyone. The name is derived from it's French and Greek root phrases :

Phantom - That which has only an apparent existence; an apparition; a specter; a phantasm; a sprite; an airy spirit; an ideal image.

Graph - A suffix signifying something written (as in {digraph}), a writing; also, a writer or an instrument that produces a written or visible record of a measurement, such as a spectrograph; as, autograph, crystograph, telegraph, photograph.

-from 1913 Webster

Thus a Phantomgraph is a visual and or written representation of things that do not apparently exist.

Have a look at his wiki entry here on SoFurry for more confusion! };8>

Phantomgraph: As it says above, I go by the handle / Internet name / nick Phantomgraph, or PG for short. Around here I'm an occasional author and artist but mostly I'm the guy that bangs on the SoFurry's wiki pages and the lead user support fur. So if you have a question or something about the site just open a ticket, we actually do read each and every one!

Other than around here I'm a person of many odd talents. I've worked in fast food restaurants and gas stations, programmed simulators for nuclear reactors (not kidding here), started and ran my own ISP for several years, wired houses, cars and satellite receivers, worked for a large bank on mortgages, pulled weeds at a tree farm and built hydraulic boom trucks and digger derricks. (The trucks that put telephone poles in the ground.)

Currently I'm a professional student studying geographic information systems at my state university while my mate avatar?user=275737&character=0&clevel=0 Rindle is studying archeology. I already have two degrees, one in electronic engineering technology and the other in environmental science. My goal is to make maps. Very cool maps. Stuff like pollution, earthquake and tsunami mitigation plans for cities and governments, animated views of our planet and historical events along with the occasional remote sensing toy I build in my workshop.

All of my home computers run Linux by default, thou I have one version or another of winblows on both my laptops that I boot into every couple of months just to see how long it will take for MS to install it's updates. *snore* Oddly thou, I don't have anything against MS or Apple, except I have to pay for their stuff. But enough about boring stuff.

Falcres (Falc) Riverdance: My character is a dragon. Rawr. *cough hack wheeze*

Actually that's not entirely true. He is a dracine. A blue dracine, to be more precise. Their are a few pictures of him on my gallery including a 3D model I was making of him some time ago. He's a privateer by trade. That means he is a freelance captain of a space ship called the Fallen Angel. Don't think Star Trek here, think something smaller than the Millennium Falcon and mostly cargo space at that.

He's about seven feet tall if he stretches his head to the ceiling. That's rather short for his species, and he's kind of thin as well. Folks don't usually mention either within earshot however because he carries a rather large baster in a hip holster and he knows how to use it. Dracine don't have wings.

When he is not on his ship he is often found at the local watering hole looking for customers or people that owe him credits (money). He dresses in his old (and out of date) gray military uniform if he's looking to impress, or just the cargo pants and a white sleeveless compression shirt with his dog tags hanging out. Like his ship and his dress, his silver hair is out of date, looking like something from a 1980's band less the hair spray and five pounds of jell.

He resigned his commission with the confederation several years ago with the rank of Colonial and now uses the common title of Commander Falcres Riverdance. His friends call him Falc and find his humour on the risky / dangerous side. (Remember the blaster?) He is often maligned by his competitors, and is known to have a few minor warrants out for him on a couple of outlander worlds. No one to date has had the guts or the luck to try and claim the bounty. (Well, none that lived anyway.) Nobody is quite sure how old he is as his military files are curiously sealed, but most put him at a young middle age.

species Dracine
gender male from United States
loves 3D, Cum, Dracine likes Avian, Cervine, Deer tolerates straight hates Babyfur
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Latest Journal posted 24 Mar 2013

Meanwhile in cartography...on a planet some where just left of Jupiter because the coordinate system isn't set right...

So I'm working on cartography tonight. As usual the first step, open the assignment file in ArcMaps fails. We are talking hurk here. ArcMaps 10.1 tosses a typical mickysoft error message that has so much meaning... Error &*^32jkshfa62e0000w66565h2eh4 Occured. OK?

*Sigh* Yea sure, OK.

An hour and a half later I'm finished with the assignment but I decide to be a nice dwagon and scribble up a document for the rest of the class I titled "PG's guide to completing your assignment when ArcMap borks" which describes how to import all the files (one at a time) needed into a blank map project, set all the properties and coordinate systems and the like so you can "open the assignment".

Great, instructions finished like a boss. So I post it to the university server and *faceclaw* the friggen title vanishes. ARRRRRRGGGGG. Fine, I'll fix it ...

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Red Back Dragon 5 months ago
brony316 5 months ago
Excuse Phantomgraph, but could you get the mods to delete my other profile 'broni316'? It's still getting views and I don't want people to confuse the two profiles. If you can't that's okay, but if you can I'd appreciate it.
Phantomgraph 5 months ago
I'll see what I can do :)
brony316 5 months ago
Thanks phantom! And PLEASE make sure it's the other account. The last thing i need is to find this one has been deleted. So remember; 'broni316'.

Thanks again.
brony316 10 months ago
help! I'm broni316, and I cannot log in. When I use the password recovery function, it tells me that it sends a recovery link to my email address, but I never get one.
Can you help me? You can contact me at symphonyofwar63@hotmail.com


Phantomgraph 10 months ago
Hey Brony316,

You should open a ticket with that information in it. It will get forwarded to the folks that can take care of the issue for you, however with hotmail, you might what to check your spam folder. For some reason hotmail sometimes sends notifications there from SoFurry!

PG };8>
brony316 10 months ago
Thanks PG, but two thigns though;

1) how do I open a ticket?

2) This is unrelated but, how long has SoFurry existed? Sorry, just curious.
Phantomgraph 10 months ago
1) Click here => http://www.sofurry.com/report then click the new report link on the left side of the page. It should open a new ticket for you (the link is btw at the bottom of the page under Support Tickets.)

2) Sofurry was originally launched 19 September 2002 as Yiffstar and was renamed and majorly overhauled in December of 2009 as SoFurry (version 1). About two years ago we began moving to our current system (2.x). We still retain stories and content (less the forums) from our Yiffstar days :). Yiffstar & Sofurry has always been operated by avatar?user=13&character=0&clevel=0 Toumal :)

Hope that helps!

PG };8>
Red Back Dragon 5 months ago
ahhh i rember yiffstar good times , good times
RongYao 10 months ago
*pokes the blue scaly* Yah! I'm totally nagging your shoutbox.
Phantomgraph 10 months ago
Um, hate to tell you this bud but you are an elk, a nag is a old horse :p
DJGoo 11 months ago
*latches onto da dwaggin*
Phantomgraph 11 months ago
Oh snap, the sun just came up didn't it! :p *walks funny*
DJGoo 11 months ago
That's what you get for being all mysterious
TheGoldenUnicorn 11 months ago
Hey! You OK?

Phantomgraph 11 months ago
Hey TGU!

Yep I'm fine :) Just very very very busy with finals! :p My university is working my tail off, but I think it's going to be worth it =)
TheGoldenUnicorn 11 months ago
Ah good. Tailless dragon, huh? Hmm. Do they grow back like salamanders?
Anailaigh 1 year ago
i know you are busy but.. could you check on the other tickets ive got, least just looking at them to see if you can fix em? i have a harassment one an quite a few other bug errors that like.. havent even been viewed an its been month+ >_<
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
I know it doesn't sound like much but I have brought this up with the entire staff. Give me a bit of time and I will make this right!

Let me state that more directly. We (the staff) can't move heaven, be we will raise hell in the process.

PG };8>
Anailaigh 1 year ago
I do appreciate that Phantom. Thank you very much.
DJGoo 1 year ago
Why does Rindle say that we'd be inseperable if in the same room?
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
Handcuffs do that. :p
DJGoo 1 year ago
carlos_penguin 1 year ago
Bwaaahahahaha! XD
DJGoo 11 months ago
O__o *pokes Carlos*
Valanx 1 year ago
Aah, you watched me too! Thanks! Oooh, and you're a fellow linux user. Distro preference? I tend to stick to Kubuntu and Xubuntu out of familiarity, but I also use Arch and have done the whole Gentoo thing in the past.
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
Hehee, Ubuntu, Gnome remix currently, although it's mostly custom now with all my tweaks. I've been with once flavor or another since about 1998.
Valanx 1 year ago
Nice! I've been on it since 2007 :3
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
I'll PM you one of these days if you like and we can swap tricks or something. :)
Valanx 1 year ago
Sure, feel free!
Alyx Z Ranas 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch. ^-^
You are a man of many talents from what your profile info says. :D That's cool man!
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
I like to say I've built it, broke it, designed it and programmed it. When people ask what I just answer yes.
Alyx Z Ranas 1 year ago
XD Awesome.