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Things about me:
-I'm 19
-I write
-I draw
-I live in the US
-I live in Pennsylvania
-I enjoy all forms of music and self expression
-I play a few different instruments guitar being my favorite
-I dislike intolerance whether it be religion, sexual orientation, race, ect.
-I am a vegetarian
-I enjoy any sport that involves a board (wheels or none)
-I'm just an average height cougar with a thin figure and a quiet personality. Any questions, personal comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me here. I'll respond.


species Cougar
gender male from United States
loves 69, 80s, Anthro likes Anal, Anatomically Correct, Aroused tolerates 70s, Aqua Sex, Big Band hates Auto-Cunnilingus, Breast Sex, Caprine
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Latest Journal posted 13 Feb 2013

Wow...this was all from 13 years ago :( I was thinking about how its really been 13 years since the turn of the guys...I feel old. Just thought I would throw up this link.


I'm just being bored and stuff and I wanted to test my vast wealth of music knowledge so I looked this up :P

Let me know, if any, which ones from 13 years ago (the year 2000) are some of your favorites. Mine are, #'s 88,84 <3, 78, 76, 73, 71 lol, 70, 59, 52 :), 44, 43 <3, 40, 36, 35, LOVE 26, 15, 11, 9, 7 and 5 and 2! WOW thats a list! Little bit too much rap on this but it's MTV so can't really do anything about it. :/

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sheerclaw 5 months ago
Thanks for favoriting ch 8! It's heavier subject matter than other chapters, but sometimes some things must be said. (or expressed)

So, thanks again
Valanx 1 year ago
Hey, thanks for the watch! :3
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Greetings fellow Pa fur from the center of the state! Thanks for the fave!
musicallyinsane 1 year ago
"No problem" says the fur from Philly at 4:30am lol
plainwalk 1 year ago
Thanks for watching.
Azombie 1 year ago
Thank you for watching me.
furcurious 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch, fellow veggie! I truly appreciate it. :)
musicallyinsane 1 year ago
Lol Veggie power!
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Well it's always nice to see another fur from Pa. Thanks for the watch and I hope you enjoy my stuff ^__^
Otter Miqmah 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :3 (Also yay for being vegetarian!)
musicallyinsane 1 year ago
Vegetarian powers FTW :p and your quite welcome :)
Mikey_k9 1 year ago
Omg your story all I want for Christmas madey heart break
musicallyinsane 1 year ago
I'm sorry I did that...I hope it's ok :0
Mikey_k9 1 year ago
Yeah it's okay but that story was amazing :) I couldn't put it down
BuckSaber 2 years ago
rhanks for the fave and watch, mate!
musicallyinsane 2 years ago
No problem, I really enjoy your work, it is very well written