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Furry artist and author. I create 2D and 3D furry art, and write furry stories. Author of "Swiss Mix" - a 500+ chapter novel about maids and masters, cub sex, incest, and more, covering three generations of one family; and "To Dream of Darkness", a dark fantasy novel of magic and revenge.

My main story, Swiss Mix, gets updated in a WIP file until 25 chapters accumulate. You can find the current WIP file for Swiss Mix Here.

My story commission rates are here.

species Bernese Mountain Dog
gender male from Austin, TX, USA
loves 69, Anal, Anthro likes Birth, Bondage, Bukkake tolerates Humiliation, Mild Violence, Mind Control hates Drugs, Fat, Gore
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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2014

Currently active commissions:

The Houseboy - Commission for Phrax on IB and SoFurry
4 of 5 10 chapters complete, working on Chapter 5 soon
Planned for 50K 100K words / five ten chapters
Commissioner just agreed to commission 5 more chapters. Thank You!

Jak's Wild - Commission for Bigchris369 on IB
2 of 3 chapters complete, working on Chapter 3 soon
Planned for 30K words / three chapters


Active stories of my own:

Swiss Mix
Still very active - probably several hundred chapters yet to go.
Ch 500 posted, working on CH 501 now
I am going to try to get several more chapters of this story done soon, because I need to catch up the time line to where I am in 'The Houseboy'.

The Secret
Still active - probably 5 to 10 chapters yet to go.
Part 24 posted, working on part 25 now
Of the four stories ...

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Phrax 3 months ago
Just found you on SoFurry! Loved your stories on Inkbunny, so i'll fave them here for sure. Keep up the great work!
pokemorphknight 6 months ago
Where are the first 10 parts to the secret?
DoggyStyle57 6 months ago
The entire series so far is here: https://www.sofurry.com/browse/folder/stories?by=159272&folder=21173

It starts with 'A Sleepover With Jane', and then continues in 'The Secret'.
pokemorphknight 5 months ago
part 1-10 are missing from the folder at least it is to me?
DoggyStyle57 5 months ago
1-10 and also ch 22 have the tag 'Gay', but 11-21 and 23 do not. You are probably blocking that tag. There isn't a lot of pure-gay sex in the story, so you might want to unblock that to read those chapters.
pokemorphknight 5 months ago
odd can read your other story's will give a try thank you fore the help will now read story ^_^ ps can now read story whoot
RUSirius 11 months ago
Where can we buy those DVDs based on your work?
DoggyStyle57 11 months ago
Nowhere, unfortunately. They exist only in my stories. If I was a better artist and animator, I'd love to make Hentai movies of these stories, or to commission someone else to make them. But I only have the skill to write them, and do not have enough money myself or from any of my fans to pay anyone else to produce them.
Razil8 6 months ago
You could comission someone to make a comic strip of those films though, It takes less time and effort to do it. Even B&W comics like Shanda the Panda hadn't color and they sold well.
Gray Muzzle 1 year ago
You're reading the story- I LOVE that!
Alcareru 1 year ago
Loves all of your stories and can barely wait for more. Keep it up.
DoggyStyle57 1 year ago
Found the problem in Part 3 of The Secret! It had accidentally been set to 'Group Only" I set it back to "Public".
Golden Puppy 1 year ago
Hey, letting you know your The Secret - Part 3 is having issues. When I click on the link it gives me an error report and tells me to use a report button(course there is no report button but you can't really do anything aobut that part)
TheDanMan 1 year ago
Report button is on the lower right of every screen where it says help/problems/suggestions. If its not there then you may have turned it off in settings
blau Soul 1 year ago
Pity... well i like them and i do hope one day you can get it animated.
ShinigamiAros 1 year ago
*fan boy scream* OMG MY FAV AUTHOR FRIENDED ME!!!! *feints* XD lol. love the stories. keep it up.
banned_tiger 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch, all the wonderful faves, and the votes, I appreciate it greatly.